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Improving Analyst-to-Customer Ratio with Next-Generation SOAR

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SOC analysts are often overworked and stressed out. Automating incident response workflows is becoming increasingly important for MSSPs.

SIEM vs SOAR : Evaluating Security Tools for the Modern SOC

While SIEM & SOAR share some common components, they serve different security purposes. Here’s what MSSPs need to know, Sumo Logic asserts.

SOAR Offerings Need to Adapt to the MSSP Business Model

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The MSSP industry has a unique security services business model—and to serve it properly, SOAR software vendors must evolve.

Swimlane Raises $70M; Repositions From SOAR to Low-Code Security Automation

Swimlane positions itself as a low-code security automation platform that unlocks XDR’s promise for MSSPs, channel partners & customers.

MSSP High Wire Networks Adds SOAR to Managed Security Services

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Overwatch Managed Security, the cyber division of High Wire Networks, integrates security orchestration, automation & response (SOAR) into Master MSSP solution for MSP partners.

Thrive Continues MSP to MSSP Expansion; Announces SOAR Integration

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Thrive, an MSP & application performance platform provider, integrates security orchestration, automation & response (SOAR) capabilities into SOC.

4 Ways MSSPs Are Increasing Their Margins With Next-Generation SOAR

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Security automation & orchestration platforms have existed for some time. But the arrival of next-generation SOAR is attracting the most MSSP interest. Here’s why.

Logpoint Converged SIEM Delivers SOAR, UEBA Capabilities

LogPoint’s MSSP partners gain unified security platform (spanning SIEM, SOAR & UEBA) for threat detection & response.

Overwhelmed? SOAR Is A Game Changer for MSSPs

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How the right cloud-based SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation & Response) service can help MSSPs shorten threat response times, optimize high-value security personnel, and reduce overall business risk.

Sumo Logic SOAR Gains Incident Visibility, Automation Capabilities

Sumo Logic Cloud SOAR gains War Room & App Central features to help MSSPs & end-customers further enhance security operations.