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AWS Cloud Data Leak: UK Consulting Firms’ Sensitive Information Exposed

Several UK consulting firms recently left an Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service bucket open, exposing data from thousands of British professionals.

AWS Cloud Data Leak: Qlik’s Attunity Exposes Backup Information

Attunity, a Qlik data management software business, exposed backup data on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Human error remains big public cloud security risk.

Amazon AWS Cloud Data Leak: Dow Jones Suffers Massive Exposure

Dow Jones contractor misconfigures Amazon Web Services (AWS) & exposes mission critical source data on the public cloud.

Amazon AWS Cloud Data Leak: Personal Info of 123 Million U.S. Households

Alteryx allegedly misconfigures Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud storage, exposing personal information for 123 million U.S. households, UpGuard asserts.

Amazon AWS Cloud Data Leak: 150,000 Patient Home Monitoring Identities

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A misconfigured Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud bucket exposed 150,000 Patient Home Monitoring customers on the Web, Kromtech Security Center said.

Amazon AWS Cloud Data Leak: Accenture IP Exposed

Confidential Accenture Cloud data was exposed on Amazon Web Services (AWS), UpGuard reports. The big question: Can anyone properly configure AWS security?

Amazon AWS Cloud Data Leak: Thousands of US Military, Intelligence Files Exposed

An Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud data leak exposes U.S. military personnel files. TigerSwan apologizes but the real culprit was TalentPen, a contractor.

Another Amazon AWS Cloud Data Leak: 4M Time Warner Customer Records Exposed

BroadSoft exposes 4 million Time Warner Cable customer records via an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud leak, according to The Kromtech Security Center.

Another Amazon AWS Cloud Data Leak: 14M Verizon Customer Records Exposed

AWS S3 cloud data leaks involving Verizon, WWE & Scottrade each involve users who expose sensitive information via mismanaged cloud servers, Dome9 says.

AWS S3 Cloud Data Leak By Securitas: CSPM Opportunity for MSSPs

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Securitas misconfigures Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3), triggering data exposure. MSSP lesson: Promote Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM).