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CISA Cyber Response Playbook Offers Best Practices for Government MSSPs

CISA’s latest Cybersecurity Incident & Vulnerability Response Playbooks may assist MSSPs with federal government incident response.

Suspected Chinese Hackers Hit Critical Infrastructure, Government Agencies In Espionage Operation

Cyber attackers exploiting a ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus password management tool hit nine organizations, Palo Alto Networks alleges.

DOJ Vows to Prosecute Cybersecurity Fraud By MSPs, MSSPs and Government Contractors

MSPs & MSSPs that knowingly provide deficient cybersecurity products, services or monitoring capabilities could face prosecution, DOJ vows.

Vulnerability Management and U.S. Government MSSPs: DHS Directive Explained

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) orders federal agencies to fix known hardware & software vulnerabilities. Here’s where MSSP patch management services fit in.

BlueVoyant Acquires 202 Group for Government Supply Chain Security

BlueVoyant, a Top 250 MSSP with MDR & threat intelligence capabilities, remains active on the funding, acquisition & business expansion fronts.

Hacking Software: Time to Limit Exports to Foreign Governments?

The U.S. Commerce Department wants tighter controls on companies selling hacking tools to certain foreign governments.

DOJ: Government MSSPs, MSPs Failing to Report Cyber Incidents Face “Hefty” Fines

The Department of Justice (DOJ) may slap “hefty” fines on government contractors, including MSSPs & MSPs, that fail to report cybersecurity incidents.

Would a Federal Government Funding Shutdown Kneecap U.S. Cybersecurity?

How would a potential U.S. federal government shutdown affect MSSPs fulfilling federal cybersecurity contracts?

How U.S. DoD Government Contractors Can Achieve CMMC Compliance

What the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) means for U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) government contractors, according to Kyber Security, an MSSP.

U.S. Infrastructure Bill: Cybersecurity Funds May Influence MSSP Government Contracts

If the U.S. infrastructure bill achieves Congressional & President Biden’s approval, then MSSP & MDR security service providers could see new state & local government opportunities.