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Cloud Data & Email Privacy: Microsoft vs. U.S. Government Intensifies As EU Preps Legislation

Microsoft vs. Justice Department cloud data & email privacy case heads to U.S. Supreme Court just as European Union proposes more legislation.

NIST Widens Security, Privacy Framework Beyond Federal Government

NIST broadens an updated security and privacy controls framework beyond federal agencies to reach state and local government, business and academia.

Did Ransomware Attack Fallout Trigger California Data Privacy Law Violation?

A class action lawsuit claims Epiq Systems violated California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) after suffering a ransomware attack & related data breach.

Data Privacy Spending: Latest Research

Nearly 100 percent of organizations will increase their spend on data privacy in the next 12 months, FTI Consulting research finds.

COVID-19, Contact Tracing and U.S. Government Surveillance Concerns: Research

How far will Americans let government surveillance and contact tracing go in the post-coronavirus pandemic world? This research offers clues.

Coronavirus Geolocation Tracking: Will U.S. Consumer Privacy Law Emerge?

Legislators & privacy advocates urge Congress to enact national consumer privacy law as coronavirus geolocation surveillance escalates.

Government Tracks Mobile Location on Millions in Coronavirus Pandemic

How the United States is gathering, aggregating & analyzing mobile location data to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Will privacy issues emerge?

New York SHIELD Act Explained: What It Means for Cybersecurity, Privacy

Data security provisions of New York’s Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security (SHIELD) Act are now in effect. Here’s what that means.

Geofence Warrants: Worthy Law Enforcement Tool or Personal Privacy Invasion?

Police departments nationwide use controversial surveillance tool called geofence warrants to track people near crime scenes.

U.S. Government Commission: Federal Cybersecurity Overhaul Required

The U.S. government lacks a centralized infrastructure and modernized approach to nullify cybersecurity threats posed by foreign adversaries, a federal report says.