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Huawei Allegedly Hacked Australian Telecom 10 Years Ago

Alleged breach by Huawei into Australian telecom company nearly a decade ago may have sparked U.S. & international Huawei bans, report indicates.

Huawei Cloud Services: U.S. Lawmakers Express Security Concerns

MSSPs that monitor & secure customer data in Huawei clouds should follow U.S. Capitol Hill discussion closely.

U.S. Service Providers and Banned Huawei Network Gear: Replacement Funding?

Bipartisan leaders push the FCC to fully fund a $1 billion program to help U.S. service providers rip & replace Huawei network gear.

FCC Formally Bars Huawei, ZTE from U.S. Telecom Supply Chain

Huawei & ZTE, long considered by U.S. officials as threats to national security, now designated personae non gratae as equipment suppliers, the FCC says.

Huawei Pitches No-Spy Agreements vs. U.S. Pushback

Huawei, seeking 5G wireless network deployment contracts, will sign a “no-spy agreement” with foreign governments. But U.S. & U.K. cybersecurity concerns linger.

Huawei, Security and 5G Network Contracts: The Global Debate

Huawei Technologies hopes to cash in on 5G network build-outs worldwide. But security, privacy and spying concerns tied to the China-based company threaten those 5G ambitions.

U.S. Lawmakers Propose Bill to Ban Sales of U.S. Gear to Huawei, ZTE

Congressional lawmakers from both sides of the aisle proposed bills on Wednesday to ban exports of chips or other gear to Huawei, ZTE and any Chinese telecom that runs afoul of U.S. sanctions or export laws.

Huawei Eyes $2 Billion Cybersecurity Reboot Amid Global Pushback

Meta Description: Huawei may overhaul its global software systems & reboot its cybersecurity efforts following the arrest of Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou in Canada.

Canada Reviews Huawei, ZTE Telecom Gear Security Risks Amid 5G Network Deployments

Count Canada as the latest in the line of countries exploring the security of China’s telecommunications equipment rivals Huawei and ZTE.

Australia Critical Infrastructure Hit by REvil Affecting Millions of Records; Authorities Vow Retaliation

Credit: Getty Images

Australian Cybersecurity Minister Clare O’Neil vows to “hack the hackers” rather than just ramping up defenses.