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FBI Turns the Tables on Hive Ransomware Crew in Digital Sting Operation

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The FBI crawled into Hive’s computer networks, captured its decryption keys and offered them to victims worldwide.

Rebranded Ransomware Crews Spike Number of Hijacking Incidents in Q4 2022

There was at least one new ransomware group each month of 2022, with Lockbit, Alphv, Hive and Blackbasta the most active, GuidePoint reports.

SpyCloud Releases Ransomware Detection and Response Solution

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SpyCloud’s Compass solution identifies malware-compromised devices, applications and end-users and visualizes cyber threats.

Ransomware Dips During 2022: Are Cyberattacks Slowing or Just a Blip?

One in four organizations received ransomware attacks over the past 12 months, reports Dilenea, a privileged access management provider.

Rackspace Update: Hackers Used Zero-Day Exploit in Ransomware Attack

Threat actor known as Play used a previously unknown security exploit to gain initial access to the Rackspace Hosted Exchange email environment.

Ransomware Research: More than 200 U.S. Infrastructure Organizations Attacked in 2022

More than 200 large organizations in the U.S. suffered a ransomware attack last year, Emsisoft reports.

IBM Execs Sound Off on 2023 Cyber Predictions: More Ransomware, Cyber Sophistication

Expect more ransomware, hackers-for-hire, zero trust problems, social engineering hitting manufacturing and more in 2023, IBM execs say.

2023 Predictions: Expect More Supply Chain Attacks, Ransomware-as-a-Service Kits in 2023

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Will the new year see a rise in supply chain cyberattacks and an increase in mobile threats? What’s the scenario for 2023?

New Ransomware Variant, Written In Rust, Hitting Critical Infrastructure Companies

Ransomware crews, including BlackCat, Hive and RansomExx, have developed their own versions of their ransomware in Rust, Trend Micro reports.

Searchlight Security Offers MSSPs Ransomware Dark Web Tracking Tool

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Searchlight Security’s new tool automatically collates data from active ransomware groups and helps MSSPs improve dark web monitoring.