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SpyCloud Report: 90% of Companies Affected by Ransomware in 2022

Many global businesses are struggling with ransomware and lack confidence in their cybersecurity strategies, a report from SpyCloud shows.

Emotet Resurfacing as Power Player in Ransomware Wars, Avertium Warns

Avertium, a Top 250 MSSP, releases report that dives deep into the notorious Emotet botnet and warns of its criminal intent.

Cybersecurity Report: Half of Organizations’ Global Supply Chains Compromised by Ransomware Attackers

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Ransomware attacks impact half of global organizations, but only 25% share threat information with their MSP and MSSP partners, report finds.

Ransomware Report: Hijackers Eyeing Linux Servers, Embedded Systems

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Expect ransomware groups to zero in on Linux servers and embedded systems in the coming years, Trend Micro Midyear Roundup Report said.

Ransomware Attack Knocks Out Leading Library Book Distributor’s Systems and Services

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Baker & Taylor hires third-party vendor to restore impacted product ordering system, phones, service centers and electronic data exchange.

Ransomware Research: 10 Key Findings, Five Ways to Defend Against Hijackers

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Barracuda reports an increase in attacks across the most highly targeted industries, with those on critical infrastructure quadrupling.

NCC Cybersecurity Study: Notorious Lazarus Group Returns to Crypto, Ransomware Prominence

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The escalation in ransomware attacks comes amid the rise of new threat actors, with newcomer Lockbit 3.0 taking the top spot, NCC reports.

Ransomware Groups Can Adapt Malware Code to Different Operating Systems Simultaneously, Kaspersky Research Finds

RedAlert and Monster ransomware groups have struck different operating systems without resorting to multiplatform languages.

Entrust Cyberattack: No Ransomware Payment to LockBit Gang

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LockBit ransomware gang threatened to leak Entrust data allegedly stolen in cyberattack. But DDoS attack knocked out LockBit data leak websites.

MSPs and MSSPs Be Advised, New Ransomware Variants Have Nearly Doubled in Six Months, Fortinet reports

The explosive growth in ransomware can be mainly attributed to ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) becoming increasingly popular on the dark web.