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U.S. Vows “Surge” to Fight Nation-state Ransomware Backers

U.S. intelligence & national security leaders will mount a “surge” against nation-state sponsors of cyberattacks, Gen. Paul Nakasone told National Security Summit attendees.

Deloitte Poll: Most US Executives Lack Ransomware Response Plan

A Deloitte poll shows most executives believe ransomware attacks are major threats, but few have simulated ransomware attacks to prepare for these incidents.

NIST’s Ransomware Guidelines Look A Lot Like Cyber Resilience

When NIST published ransomware-specific recommendations for businesses, the guidance resembled a cyber resilience framework, Webroot says.

Howard University Ransomware Attack: Investigation and Network Recovery Updates

Howard University ransomware attack details: External forensic experts assist investigation after cyberattack impacts HBCU’s network.

MSPs use MITRE ATT&CK to Thwart Ransomware Faster

The MITRE ATT&CK framework enables MSSPs & MSP security professionals to optimize protection beyond legacy tools, Netsurion asserts.

Labor Day Weekend Ransomware Attacks? FBI, CISA Memo Offers Proactive Warning

The FBI & CISA warn organizations to be on the alert for ransomware attacks on U.S. critical infrastructure during U.S. Labor Day weekend.

OnePercent Group Ransomware: Here’s What MSSPs Need to Know

The FBI issues an alert regarding OnePercent Group ransomware attacks & the indicators of compromise (IOCs) associated with them.

An Inside Look at a REvil Ransomware Attack

A recent REvil Ransomware attack offers two important lessons for channel partners, security-minded MSPs & MSSPs, according to Sophos researchers.

FortiGuard Labs Research: Ransomware Activity Climbs 10X YoY

The volume & sophistication of ransomware attacks rose in the first half of 2021, the “Global Threat Intelligence Landscape” report from FortiGuard Labs shows.

DemonWare Ransomware Group Attempts to Bribe Company Insiders

DemonWare group seeks company insiders as accomplices for ransomware attacks, Abnormal Security says. Netsurion offers six steps for MSSPs & MSPs to mitigate insider threats.