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Atlanta Ransomware Attack Recovery Costs: $17 Million Total?

Atlanta ransomware attack recovery costs may total as much as $17 million & city officials continue to investigate the incident, a new report indicates.

Atlanta Ransomware Attack Recovery Costs Skyrocket

Atlanta likely needs another $9.5 million to recover from a March 2018 ransomware attack, city officials now estimate. It may be the most damaging and costly cyberattack ever against a U.S. municipality.

Atlanta Ransomware Attack Delays City’s 2019 Budget Process

A March ransomware attack has delayed the City of Atlanta’s 2019 budget process & various computer systems are still affected by the cybersecurity incident.

Atlanta Ransomware Attack Recovery: Cybersecurity Questions Linger

Amid Atlanta’s ransomware recovery efforts, two new reports claim the city knew it was exposed & could have done more to shore up its cyber defenses ahead of last week’s attack.

Atlanta Ransomware Attack Update: Secureworks CEO Joins Investigation

Atlanta officials advise city employees to turn on their computers after a ransomware attack & hire CEO of MSSP Secureworks to investigate the incident.

Atlanta Ransomware Attack Update: City Refuses Cyber Kidnappers Demands, Still Assessing Damage

A ransomware attack that hit Atlanta‚Äôs network infrastructure late last week continues to plague the city. Here’s which Atlanta city applications are working, and which are infected with the malware.

City of Atlanta Spends Nearly $2.7M on Ransomware Attack Recovery

The City of Atlanta government has spent approximately $2.7 million to address a ransomware attack that affected multiple applications & client devices. Top 100 MSSPs SecureWorks and EY apparently assisted the recovery efforts.

Ransomware Cripples Atlanta Network; Hackers Demand $50K to Decrypt

Ransomware attack strikes City of Atlanta network. Hackers demand $50,000 to decrypt government systems. Cisco Systems assists the recovery.

Most State and Local Governments Still Lack Ransomware Cyberattack Response Plans

Most U.S. state, local & educational organizations appear unprepared to navigate ransomware attacks, Palo Alto Networks & CDG survey results reveal.

Ransomware Attack: Georgia City Pays $380K Ransom to Hackers

The City of Cartersville, Georgia submitted a $380,000 Bitcoin payment to cybercriminals in response to a Ryuk ransomware attack in May 2019.