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10 Ways to Protect Your Organization from a Data Breach

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More than three in four IT pros in North America believe their organization will be hit by a data breach in the next 3 years, Adastra reports.

Cybercrime Top 10 Rankings: China is No. 1 While U.S. Records Highest Rate of Security Breaches

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In the first half of 2022, more than 50 million U.S. citizens had been affected by cybercrimes.

ESET: Santa’s “Naughty List” Exposed in Data Breach

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Organizations can take steps to guard against data breaches and avoid ending up on Santa’s “naughty list.”

Okta Data Breach: Cybercriminals Steal IAM Provider’s Source Code

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Cybercriminals hack GitHub repositories of identity and access management (IAM) solutions provider Okta and compromise its source code.

Sophos Updates MDR Solution, Unveils Breach Protection Warranty

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Sophos’ MDR solution allows organizations to use vendor-agnostic telemetry to identify and address cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Research Report: Failure of Security Controls is Primary Reason for Data Breaches

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An organization’s lack of visibility and understanding of their security posture is the leading cause of their frustrations, Panaseer reports.

Cybersecurity Report: Average Data Breach in U.S. Costs $9.4 Million

Cybercriminals are targeting organizations of all sizes across a wide range of verticals, according to a new report from Lumu Technologies.

Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) Specialist AttackIQ Names John Brown to Lead Global Channel Business

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Menlo Security and LogRhythm veteran John Brown joins AttackIQ at a time of mass expansion in the automated BAS market.

LastPass Hacked; Hires Cybersecurity and Forensics Firm for Breach Investigation

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LastPass data breach investigation: Customer accounts safe but some source code stolen. Second LastPass security incident in past year.

IBM Ties Data Breach Costs to Supply Chain Disruption, Rising Prices

Businesses that pay ransom inadvertently fund future ransom attacks with capital that could be allocated to remediation and recovery, IBM says.