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VMware Expands Carbon Black Security to Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Credit: WMware

VMware unveils an XDR solution that supports threat detection and prevention across endpoints and networks at VMware Explore Europe.

VMware Carbon Black MSSPs Gain Network Detection Security Capabilities

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VMware & Carbon Black security updates span endpoint, network, API, application & multi-cloud solutions. MSSPs watch Broadcom-VMware M&A deal closely.

Memo to VMware Carbon Black: Over Communicate Your MSSP and MSP Security Strategy

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VMware Carbon Black, an early leader in MSSP & MSP endpoint security partnerships, must raise its voice amid pending Broadcom-VMware M&A deal.

Broadcom-VMware M&A: The Implications for VMware Carbon Black MSSPs

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What the Broadcom-VMware M&A deal may mean for MSSPs & security-driven MSPs that run VMware Carbon Black endpoint security software.

VMware Carbon Black Unveils Cloud MDR Security Service

Credit: WMware

VMware Carbon Black unveils Cloud Managed Detection & Response (MDR) solution backed by security analysts. Is there room for MSP & MSSP partners?

VMware Carbon Black Unveils Cloud Endpoint Vulnerability Management Module

Credit: WMware

VMware Carbon Black launches a Vulnerability Management module equipped with Kenna Security risk scoring capabilities for its Cloud Endpoint solution.

VMware Carbon Black Gains Kubernetes Container Security Capabilities

Credit: WMware

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload expands to support Kubernetes software container security capabilities, VMware says.

Armor Cloud Security Integrates VMware Carbon Black EDR

Global cybersecurity company Armor adds VMware Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR capabilities to its Armor Anywhere cloud security & compliance platform.

VMware Carbon Black Connect 2021: Virtual Conference Date

Credit: WMware

VMware Carbon Black Connect 2021 virtual conference date, agenda, speakers, content, registration links & more for MSSPs, security MSPs & customers.

COVID-19 Hampers Cybersecurity Defenses, VMware Carbon Black Study Says

Cyber attack volumes have spiked in the last 12 months. COVID-19 pandemic further complicates matters, VMware Carbon Black cybersecurity research reveals.