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Microsoft Defender Integrates Intel Cryptomining Detection

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint leverages Intel Threat Detection Technology (TDT) to help organizations identify CPU-based cryptomining malware attacks.

AT&T Alien Labs Analyzes Cryptomining Worm: The Findings

This blog post provides an overview of the AT&T Alien Labs™ technical analysis of the common malicious implants used by threat actors targeting vulnerable Exim, Confluence, and WebLogic servers.

McAfee Labs Threat Report: Cryptomining Malware Up 4,467% in Past Year

Cybercriminals increasingly have used malware attacks to mine cryptocurrency over the past year, the “McAfee Labs Threat Report: December 2018” shows.

McAfee Report: Healthcare Attacks, Fileless Malware, Cryptocurrency Mining Spiked in Q4 2017

Fileless malware, cryptocurrency mining and & ransomware threats emerged throughout 2017, McAfee’s research suggests.

What Is Shadow Mining? Most Cybersecurity Professionals Don’t Know

Most organizations are unfamiliar with shadow mining & cryptojacking, a survey of cybersecurity professionals conducted by SIEM company Exabeam shows.

3 Ways to Prevent Cryptominers from Stealing Your Processing Power

Cryptominers are interested in your processing power, and cryptojackers have to trade off stealth against profit. SonicWall explains how to stop those hackers.

RiskIQ Report: Cyber Gangsters Using Mobile Malware to Mine Cryptocurrency on Devices

Nation-state cyber gangsters are increasingly using malicious mobile apps to opportunistically mine cryptocurrency on user devices, RiskIQ said in a new report.

Fortinet Threat Landscape Report: Cryptojacking Malware on the Rise

Cyberattacks are evolving & the prevalence of cryptomining malware is increasing, cyber threat research from network security solutions provider Fortinet shows.

How Cybercriminals Are Exploiting the Cryptocurrency Boom

Cybercrooks and hackers have fine-tuned their exploits, malware, machinations and attacks to commit more crypto-related crimes. Trustwave explains the threats and solutions.

Crypto Miners Leapfrog Ransomware As Preferred Cyber Crook Malware?

Some 2.7 million users were attacked by malicious crypto miners in 2017, up roughly 50 percent from 1.9 million hit in 2016, Kaspersky Lab estimates.