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Hacker Returns $600+ Million Haul in Poly Network Cryptocurrency Heist

A hacker returned all of the more than $600 million in digital coins they stole from Poly Network, a decentralized financial (DeFi) platform.

How Cryptocurrency and Cybercrime Trends Influence One Another

Podcast: Webroot’s Tyler Moffitt discuss the ins and outs of crypto, what the market looks like, how it actually affects cybercrime.

Cryptocurrency Investor Sues Alleged SIM Card Hacker for $71 Million

Angel investor Michael Terpin sues Ellis Pinksy for alleged SIM Card Swapping hacker incident that led to millions of dollars in financial losses.

$30 Billion Erased from Cryptocurrency Value in South Korean Exchange Heist

Cyber gangsters have stolen about 30 percent of the virtual currency of a below-the-radar South Korean exchange.

RiskIQ Report: Cyber Gangsters Using Mobile Malware to Mine Cryptocurrency on Devices

Nation-state cyber gangsters are increasingly using malicious mobile apps to opportunistically mine cryptocurrency on user devices, RiskIQ said in a new report.

How Cybercriminals Are Exploiting the Cryptocurrency Boom

Cybercrooks and hackers have fine-tuned their exploits, malware, machinations and attacks to commit more crypto-related crimes. Trustwave explains the threats and solutions.

McAfee Report: Healthcare Attacks, Fileless Malware, Cryptocurrency Mining Spiked in Q4 2017

Fileless malware, cryptocurrency mining and & ransomware threats emerged throughout 2017, McAfee’s research suggests.

Cryptocurrency Hacks: Coincheck Vows Repayments, Binance Offers Bounties

Coincheck vows to repay cryptocurrency heist victims, while Binance creates bounty fund for information leading to the arrest of the hackers who attempted to crack the platform.

XEM $530 Million Heist: Can Hackers Launder Cryptocurrency?

Cyber crooks attempt to launder $530 million worth of Coincheck cryptocurrency through six exchanges where they can be sold, NEM Foundation asserts.

Will U.S. Sanctions Disrupt Ransomware Business Models?

The White House prepares actions aimed at disassembling the financial ecosystem that underwrites ransomware groups & related cyberattacks, a report says.