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Q3 Internet Security Report: Equifax Vulnerability a Top Network Attack

Malware & network attack volume increased in the third quarter of 2019, the “Internet Security Report for Q3 2019” from WatchGuard Technologies shows.

Equifax Admits Personal Passport Info Stolen in Massive Breach

Equifax admits passport information belonging to 3,200 Americans was among the 150 million records it left exposed in a massive security breach last year.

SEC Charges Former Equifax U.S. CIO With Insider Trading

SEC charges former Equifax U.S. Information Systems Chief Information Officer (CIO) Jun Ying with insider trading. SEC alleges Ying sold Equifax stock options to avoid security breach-related losses.

Equifax: Breach Costs $114 Million, Affects Additional US Consumers

Equifax data breach cost $114 million thus far, and the incident impacted more U.S. consumers than initially reported.

Equifax Appoints Former Home Depot Cybersecurity Executive as CISO

Equifax credit reporting adds Jamil Frashchi, former chief information security officer at The Home Depot, as its CISO following the company’s 2017 data breach.

Equifax Flunked Index Provider’s Cybersecurity Test A Year Ago

A financial index provider foretold Equifax’s data breach more than a year ago, saying the rating agency “is vulnerable to data theft & security breaches.”

IRS Curbs Controversial $7 million Equifax Contract After Another Data Breach Alarm

Equifax has temporarily lost a $7.2 million bridge contract with the IRS amid worries it had been struck by yet another security breach.

Equifax Breach Suffers Outrage Fatigue

Don’t give Equifax your time, data or attention. They lost our trust. They need to re-earn it. Focus on the people, products & institutions we CAN trust.

Equifax Interim CEO Apologizes for Hack, Unveils Credit Locks Service

Equifax interim CEO apologizes for company’s data breach & announces a new service that gives consumers the ability to lock & unlock access to their credit.

Equifax CEO Resigns Amid Hacker Cybersecurity Breach Fallout

Equifax CEO Richard Smith retires & forfeits consideration for annual bonus amid continued fallout from the company’s massive cybersecurity breach.