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WithSecure Issues Alert of DUCKTAIL Malware Targeting Facebook Ads

WithSecure says, with “high confidence,” that the operation is the work of a Vietnamese threat actor and it’s motives are financially driven.

Texas AG Investigates Facebook’s Use of Biometric Identifiers

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is investigating Facebook for alleged violations involving the collection, retention and disclosure of biometric data.

Justice Department Retools in Encryption Fight vs Apple, Facebook

The Justice Department now believes it is better armed to force companies, particularly Apple and Facebook, to unlock devices & encrypted messaging apps to law enforcement.

Proposed Bill Could Threaten Apple, Facebook Messaging Platforms

EARN IT bill could force providers of end-to-end encrypted messaging services to build in backdoors to their products, the EFF said.

Phishing Attack Research: Facebook Tops Most Imitated Brands

Phishing attacks imitate Facebook’s brand more than others, Check Point research reveals. MSSPs & MSPs can fight back with cybersecurity awareness training.

Facebook Data Leak: Personal Info of Nearly 270 Million Users Exposed

Nearly 270 million Facebook users have had their user IDs, phone numbers and names left in an unsecured database accessible on the Internet for anyone to mine, a security researcher said.

Apple, Facebook Security, Privacy Squabble with Justice Dept Heats Up

Apple & Facebook reaffirm vow not to build back doors into their products for law enforcement use, despite pressure from U.S. government officials.

Facebook Security: Robbers Stole Personal, Banking Data on 30K Employees

Thieves have reportedly stolen personal banking and payroll information of nearly 30,000 current and former Facebook employees, reports say.

Facebook Removes Hacker Marketplaces

Facebook removes 70-plus online marketplaces and exchanges that hacker groups operated. Cisco Talos researchers discovered the groups.

Privacy: California Gov Suggests Facebook, Google Should Pay Consumers For Their Data

California Governor Gavin Newsom proposes tech giants such as Facebook and Google, which make billions from using the private data of the state’s 40 million residents, pay them for the privilege.