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Facebook Privacy Initiatives: The Cost to Social Media Profits

Much of the talk about Facebook’s privacy scandals in the last year has homed in on the immorality of it. Until now, not a whole lot has been said about how much the self-inflicted and devious privacy flaps could erode the social media giant’s bottom line. Let’s just say that Facebook has given us a […]

Facebook Privacy Center: What You Need to Know

Facebook earlier this quarter published its privacy principles and will centralize its privacy settings in a single place. Hunton & Williams explains.

Apple, Facebook Security, Privacy Squabble with Justice Dept Heats Up

Apple & Facebook reaffirm vow not to build back doors into their products for law enforcement use, despite pressure from U.S. government officials.

Privacy: California Gov Suggests Facebook, Google Should Pay Consumers For Their Data

California Governor Gavin Newsom proposes tech giants such as Facebook and Google, which make billions from using the private data of the state’s 40 million residents, pay them for the privilege.

Facebook Data Privacy Debate: CISO Reportedly Exiting

Facebook battles to defend its social media brand amid massive Cambridge Analytica data privacy controversy. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) apparently plans exit.

New York City Enacts Biometric Privacy Law

New York City law restricts the collection and/or use of biometric technology by certain businesses, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler explains.

Virginia Data Privacy Law Lets Consumers Control Their Personal Information

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed the Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA) into law. Virginia & California lead state-level consumer data protection efforts.

Texas AG Investigates Facebook’s Use of Biometric Identifiers

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is investigating Facebook for alleged violations involving the collection, retention and disclosure of biometric data.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA): What You Need to Know

Eight steps organizations should take before CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) enforcement begins, according to Optiv Security.

Geofence Warrants: Worthy Law Enforcement Tool or Personal Privacy Invasion?

Police departments nationwide use controversial surveillance tool called geofence warrants to track people near crime scenes.