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MSSP M&A: Government CMMC Security Consultant Rimstorm Acquires Elevative Networks

Credit: Getty Images

Government security & CMMC consulting firm Rimstorm acquires Elevative Networks, a provider of managed IT & security services.

Ransomware Will Grind You Down Without Proper Precautions, FBI Tells Local Governments

The FBI warned local governments to expect ransomware attacks will have “significant repercussions” by “straining” financial and operational resources & disrupting a multitude of services.

Most State and Local Governments Still Lack Ransomware Cyberattack Response Plans

Most U.S. state, local & educational organizations appear unprepared to navigate ransomware attacks, Palo Alto Networks & CDG survey results reveal.

DDoS Cyberattack: Israel Government Websites Back Online

Distributed Denial-of-service (DDoS) cyberattack knocked numerous Israel government websites offline; the sites are now back online.

List of Vulnerabilities MSSPs Need to Patch for U.S. Government Agencies: Growing?

Amid updated DHS & CISA security guidance, U.S. government agencies may need to engage MSSPs for faster vulnerability & patch management services.

Government Cyberattacks: 10 Security Findings From SolarWinds Research

The seventh annual Public Sector Cybersecurity Survey Report from SolarWinds describes federal, state & local government cybersecurity attitudes.

How Many Ransomware Attacks vs. U.S. Local Governments, Schools and Healthcare? The 2021 Answer

More than 2,300 ransomware attacks hit U.S. local governments, schools and healthcare providers in 2021, Emsisoft research found.

Ransomware Climbed 2% in November, Mespinoza Government Hits Rose 400%

PYSA & Lockbit threat actors dominated the ransomware landscape in November 2021, leapfrogging Conti & Lockbit, research asserts.

State and Local Government Cybersecurity: 2021 Threats, 2022 Strategies

How state and local government agencies navigated cybersecurity in 2021, and next steps for 2022, according to RedSeal.

Cyber Incident Reporting: A Reprieve for Government MSSPs?

Revised National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) lacks proposed requirements for reporting cyber incidents & ransomware payments in set timeframes.