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Hackers Exploiting Microsoft Exchange Server Vulnerabilities in Enterprise Phishing Campaigns

Hackers exploited recently disclosed Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities to attack enterprise networks & distribute phishing emails both internally & externally, Cybereason research revealed.

Phishing Intelligence Report: COVID-19 Topics Drive Successful Attacks

Many cybercriminals are exploiting the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to launch successful phishing attacks, according to Phished’s 2021 Phishing Intelligence Report.

Credential Phishing Insights for MSPs: The Key to Your Customers’ Vulnerabilities

In a bid to harvest employee credentials, “Loud inboxes” are often capitalized upon by threat actors to communicate malicious emails.

IKEA Email Cyberattack Involves Phishing, Extends to Supply Chain Partners

IKEA email cyberattack details: Reply-chain phishing attack targets IKEA mailboxes & may involve on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server, report alleges.

NIST And No-Notice: Finding The Goldilocks Zone For Phishing Simulation Difficulty

Here are NIST’s recommendations for phishing simulations in security awareness training programs, and the implications for MSPs & MSSPs.

Electronic Warfare Associates (EWA) Data Breach: Email Phishing Incident Details

U.S. government contractor Electronic Warfare Associates (EWA) discloses limited cyberattack details. Hackers attempted wire fraud.

Phishing as a Ransomware Precursor – MSP Insights

Two primary factors pushed phishing upstream in the ransomware delivery process. Here’s how MSPs can raise customer defenses, according to Cofense.

22 Steps to Protect Your Business From Phishing Attacks

Proofpoint research shows phishing scams remain a significant cybersecurity issue. Here’s how to avoid being a phishing victim, Optiv asserts.

Cofense Launches Phishing Protection Solution for MSPs

Cofense unveils a phishing & response detection solution that enables MSPs to deliver AI-based email attack protection & employee training to their customers.

Egress Acquires Anti-Phishing, Email Security Software Company Aquilai

Egress acquires anti-phishing and email security software provider Aquilai. Buyer continues cybersecurity business expansion across Europe and North America.