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Yahoo Most Faked Brand Name in Phishing Attempts by Threat Actors in Q4 2022

Check Point Software found that cybercriminals often distribute emails with subject lines that suggest a recipient had won an award or prize.

Strata Identity, HYPR Partner for Phishing-Resistant Multi-Factor Authentication

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Strata Identity and HYPR provide a phishing-resistant MFA solution to be added to any app without rewriting its source code.

Cyber Attacker Earth Preta in Spear Phishing Campaign Via Google Drive Links

Trend Micro recommends companies implement ongoing phishing awareness training for partners and employees.

Hornetsecurity Launches Employee Training Program to Combat Phishing Attacks

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Hornet’s patented spear phishing engine simulates sophisticated attacks to help users gain knowledge about those types of infiltrations.

Microsoft Hobbles Russian-backed Seaborgium Espionage Phishing Crew

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Microsoft has tracked Russian-sponsored bad actor Seaborgium since 2017, recommends Office 365 cyber defense actions.

Cisco Cyberattack: Minimal Fallout From Voice Phishing Incident?

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Cisco cyberattack investigation reveals no supply chain impact. Incident reinforces human weakness in cybersecurity armor. Lapsus$-linked group involved?

Phishing Attacks: Microsoft Leads Top 25 of Impersonated Brands

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Phishers forever love Microsoft but Facebook is a close bridesmaid in terms of the most impersonated brand in phishing attacks.

The Anatomy of a Cybercrime: Dissecting a Phishing Attack

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How do phishing attacks work? N-able explains an example cyberattack & key email security steps to mitigate the risk of phishing attacks.

MSPs Need A Layered Defense Against Phishing

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A rising number of credential phish and business email compromise campaigns are evading traditional email security controls, explains Cofense.

Combatting the Phishing Threat Landscape: Three Tips for MSPs

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Here’s how managed service providers can ramp up their security posture in 2022, according to Cofense.