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Phishing Research: Microsoft Most-Imitated Brand in 4Q20

Microsoft, DHL and LinkedIn were the top brands in terms of their appearance in brand phishing attempts in 4Q20, according to Check Point Software Technologies.

Cofense Phishing Detection Gains Auto Quarantine Feature

Cofense adds an Auto Quarantine feature to its phishing detection & response solution to ensure malicious emails are┬áremoved from recipients’ inboxes.

Targeted Phishing: How to Avoid the Hook

BlackBerry explains how partners & customers can defend users from targeted phishing & spearphishing attacks — which take aim at specific groups or individuals.

Microsoft Office 365 Phishing Leverages Oracle, AWS Cloud Services

Email phishing campaign hosted on Oracle Cloud & using Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources targets Office 365 credentials from small and large businesses.

NIST Introduces Phish Scale Phishing Detection Method

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) unveils the Phish Scale, a phishing detection method to help orgs analyze phishing attack risks.

Buying Phishing Kits and Malware Has Never Been Easier

The bad actors of the world have adapted their attack methods to our changing world, including the manner in which they attain their means of attack.

U.S. Elections Face Phishing Attack Vulnerabilities: Study

With only three months left until U.S. elections, most state & local election administrators aren’t prepared to fight phishing attacks, Area 1 Security research finds.

Alleged Twitter Hacker Arrested for Spear Phishing Attack: Breach Investigation Updates

Twitter hacking & spear phishing incident 2020: Alleged hacker arrested. How the social media platform & FBI are investigating Twitter breach, which raised economic, political & national security concerns.

Mimecast Acquires Email Security, Anti-Phishing Provider MessageControl

Email & data security company Mimecast ($MIME) acquires MessageControl, a phishing mitigation security provider for Microsoft 365 & MSP partners.

Cyberfish Delivers Real-Time In-Attachment Phishing Detection

Cyberfish adds a real-time in-attachment phishing detection module to its cybersecurity solution for MSSPs, MSPs and small & medium-sized businesses (SMBs).