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Open XDR vs. SIEM: Matching Resources and Business Risk with the Right Solution

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There are major architectural differences that allow Open XDR to deliver on many of the promises of SIEMs, Stellar Cyber asserts.

SIEM vs SOAR : Evaluating Security Tools for the Modern SOC

While SIEM & SOAR share some common components, they serve different security purposes. Here’s what MSSPs need to know, Sumo Logic asserts.

IT Consulting Firm, Cloud Services Data Giant Invest In SIEM Security Provider

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The venture capital arms of Capital One, Snowflake, Verizon & Wipro join investment in SIEM & XDR security provider Siemplify.

Logpoint Converged SIEM Delivers SOAR, UEBA Capabilities

LogPoint’s MSSP partners gain unified security platform (spanning SIEM, SOAR & UEBA) for threat detection & response.

Can Palo Alto Networks XSIAM Disrupt SIEM Security Software Market?

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Palo Alto Networks claims Cortex XSIAM is a lower-cost, more effective alternative to SIEM (Security Information & Event Management). But XSIAM isn’t shipping yet…

SIEM, SOAR Security Software Companies Emphasize XDR Efforts

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Why Securonix, Sumo Logic and other SIEM (security information & event management) software companies now pitch XDR to MSSPs & CISOs.

Cloud-Native SOAR and SIEM Solutions Pave The Road To The Modern SOC

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Here’s the roadmap toward creating the modern SOC (security operations center), according to Sumo Logic.

Infinite Group Acquires SIEM Security Services Provider Pratum

Infinite Group Inc. (IGI) acquiring Pratum, which provides security information & event management (SIEM) & other security services.

Google Cloud Acquires Siemplify to Improve Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Security

Google Chronicle & Siemplify seek to shift SIEM, SOAR & XDR toward simplified managed detection & response (MDR). Will MSSPs weigh Google Chronicle vs. Microsoft Sentinel?

IT Solutions Integrator Radenta Unveils SIEM, Security Operations Center Services

IT solutions integrator Radenta Technologies launches security information & event management (SIEM) & security operations center (SOC) services.