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MSPs can help close the cybersecurity skills gap. Here’s how

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Faced with a widening cybersecurity skills gap, Sophos VP Scott Barlow explains that MSPs should prioritize upskilling their workforce.

ConnectWise, CompTIA Look to Close Cybersecurity Skills Gap with New Apprenticeship Program

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The companies will offer training, certification and employment opportunities in five high-demand technology occupations.

Cybersecurity Skills Gap Contributes to Security Breaches, Fortinet Research Finds

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Fully 80% of organizations surveyed have suffered at least one breach they could attribute to lack of cybersecurity skills or awareness, Fortinet research finds.

ISACA Survey: Cybersecurity Skills Gap Remains; Talent Hard to Find

ISACA, a nonprofit organization that specializes in information security, assurance, risk management and governance, has unwrapped findings from its 2019 global State of Cybersecurity survey.

Fortinet Veterans Program Bridges Cybersecurity Skills Gap

The FortiVet program works to bridge the gap between the supply of veterans looking for post-service work and the need for qualified professionals across the cybersecurity industry. Fortinet Senior Director Stephan Tallent explains.

Closing the Tech Skills Gap in Security Operations Centers (SOCs)

Proven methodologies empower MKACyber to up-level our security operations center (SOC) analysts from tier ones to tier twos and so on, while they are simultaneously learning the higher SOC-work functions.

Look in the Mirror to Solve the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

You can’t completely depend on outside forces to close the cybersecurity skills gap. Your organization must directly address the gap, Delta Risk explains.

Tripwire Survey: 93% of IT Security Pros Concerned About Skills Gap

An IT security skills gap may force many companies to explore creative cybersecurity solutions, a new survey from Tripwire & Dimensional Research reveals.

Cybersecurity Talent, Skills Gap: What It Means for MSSPs

The money spent on cybersecurity isn’t denting the cybercrime inflicted losses plaguing businesses. Cybersecurity Ventures explains the skills shortage.

MSPs, MSSPs Fill Cybersecurity Talent Gap, Research Finds

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Managed security service providers (MSSPs) fill huge gap in skilled cybersecurity personnel at 89% of organizations, Neustar.