How must MSSPs evolve to safeguard hybrid multi-cloud customer models? In this MSSP Alert video interview, we cover that question and more with Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, vice president, field CISO strategic services, Fortinet.

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Video timeline:

  • 0:00 - The hybrid multi-cloud landscape explained.
  • 3:12 - The Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) trend fits into public-, multi and hybrid-cloud trends.
  • 6:14 - Are we making progress in the SASE, SD-WAN and Zero Trust journeys?
  • 8:35 - How small MSPs and MSSPs can get into the SD-WAN market.
  • 10:43 - How to find more information on SD-WAN and reach Jonathan on LinkedIn.
  • 11:31 - Conclusion.

PS: Got questions for Jonathan and the Fortinet team? Simply email [email protected].