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Posts by Cylance

Mobile Malware and Advanced Persistent Threat Espionage: Prolific, Cross-Platform and Pervasive

This report provides a detailed survey of the strategic and tactical use of mobile malware by various governments, according to BlackBerry Cylance.

New Malicious Payloads Discovered in WAV Files

BlackBerry Cylance Threat Researchers recently discovered obfuscated malicious code embedded within WAV audio files. Here are the associated risks.

Malware and Artificial Intelligence: What the Future Holds

Join BlackBerry Cylance experts as they explore the current state of AI, assess AI’s future, and consider the role cyber resilience will play in the arms race between attackers & defenders.

New Report: The Thin Red Line – Examining Penetration Testing Practices

A closer look at penetration testing (pentesting) practices, byproducts and after effects, according to BlackBerry Cylance.

CylanceGUARD: The Comprehensive Security Solution from BlackBerry Cylance

CylanceGUARD security solution delivers continuous threat prevention & response automation powered by BlackBerry Cylance’s artificial intelligence platform.

Predictive Security Solutions: Big ROI for MSPs, MSSPs and More

Where should MSPs and MSSPs place their strategic bets in the cybersecurity market? One clear answer involves predictive endpoint protection solutions. BlackBerry Cylance explains why.

White Paper: BlackBerry Cylance vs. Traditional Security Approaches

How BlackBerry Cylance uses real-time artificial intelligence & machine learning (ML) threat analysis to deliver endpoint cybersecurity for organizations, governments, and end-users worldwide.

BlackBerry Cylance 2019 Threat Report: Key Cybersecurity Findings

The BlackBerry Cylance 2019 Threat Report provides unique findings drawn from our consulting engagements, threat research and intelligence efforts, and via customer feedback.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): Intelligent Context Required

Truly effective Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) can automatically or intelligently correlate different levels of system activity (i.e.: processes starting, and files being created) in some logical manner. BlackBerry Cylance explains.

Internet of Things Security: Don’t Forget the ‘S’ In IoT

Proper Internet of Things (IoT) security will require artificial intelligence (AI). Here’s the path forward according to Cylance’s Sara Lofgren.