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Posts by Cylance

BlackBerry 2021 Threat Report Insights: Cybersecurity, Crises, and COVID-19

BlackBerry research shares the hard technology, cybersecurity & business lessons learned from coronavirus pandemic & work from home (WFH) trend.

How MSSPs Can Protect Microsoft Exchange Customers vs. HAFNIUM

HAFNIUM cyberattack vs. Microsoft Exchange Server triggers security incidents & ransomware threats worldwide. BlackBerry explains how MSPs & MSSPs can protect customers.

The Tradecraft of Fake Sites and Online Personas

Carefully crafted fake websites and fraudulent online personas have the potential to influence public sentiment and voting habits, BlackBerry explains.

Ransomware 2020: Notable Attack Trends

The pandemic has led to a rapid and dramatic increase in the number of successful cyberattacks. BlackBerry breaks down the trends.

Targeted Phishing: How to Avoid the Hook

BlackBerry explains how partners & customers can defend users from targeted phishing & spearphishing attacks — which take aim at specific groups or individuals.

Ransomware 2021: Future Trends and Predictions

Ransomware’s importance, efficacy, and frequency has increased every year for a decade. Here’s what to expect in 2021, BlackBerry President Tom Eacobacci says.

Hackers for Hire: CostaRicto Campaign Explained By BlackBerry

How APT mercenaries leverage bespoke malware tooling, complex VPN proxy & SSH tunneling capabilities. BlackBerry explains CostaRicto hacker-for-hire operation.

BlackBerry Uncovers Massive Hack-For-Hire Group

BlackBerry’s Research & Intelligence Team documents BAHAMUT threat actor activity — including the use of original, painstakingly crafted websites, applications and personas.

BlackBerry MSSP Partner abtis GmbH Emphasizes Security Guidance and Education

How does BlackBerry MSSP partner abtis GmbH support more than 1,000 small- and medium-sized business (SMB) customers? The answer involves expert guidance and education.

BlackBerry Protect vs. WastedLocker Ransomware

WastedLocker is an enterprise-targeting ransomware. The BlackBerry Threat Research team obtained a sample of the ransomware for testing.