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SOAR is Going in Two Directions (and One of Them is Bad for MSSPs)

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In the SOAR (security orchestration, automation and response) market, D3 Security explains the value of independent SOAR rather than suite-based approaches.

Four New Ways to Generate Revenue in 2023

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Companies are seeing managed security services as a solution to their security challenges, but the market is getting very competitive.

How to Save $1 Million with Targeted Security Automation

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A small MSSP could save as much as $1 million per year with a strategic approach to automation that minimizes overhead and time-to-value.

Improving Analyst-to-Customer Ratio with Next-Generation SOAR

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SOC analysts are often overworked and stressed out. Automating incident response workflows is becoming increasingly important for MSSPs.

SOAR Offerings Need to Adapt to the MSSP Business Model

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The MSSP industry has a unique security services business model—and to serve it properly, SOAR software vendors must evolve.

How MSSPs Can Grab the ‘Low-Hanging Fruit’ of Automation

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Smaller MSPs & MSSPs need to leverage SOAR (security orchestration, automation & response) in a streamlined, affordable way that delivers rapid ROI, D3 Security asserts.

How MSSPs can Beat MDRs at their Own Game

The managed detection and response (MDR) market is exploding. MSSPs can leverage SOAR to counter MDR rivals, D3 Security asserts.

4 Ways MSSPs Are Increasing Their Margins With Next-Generation SOAR

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Security automation & orchestration platforms have existed for some time. But the arrival of next-generation SOAR is attracting the most MSSP interest. Here’s why.