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Selecting an MSSP: Ask These Questions to Succeed

Not all MSSPs are created equally, and none have identical offerings and capabilities. Selecting the best MSSP for your business can be complex. Make sure you pose these questions.

Avoid These Common Incident Response Assumptions and Planning Mistakes

Cybersecurity incident response requires three core components: planning, tabletop exercises, and identifying critical assets and data. Delta Risk explains how to get started.

Power Grid Cybersecurity Risks: Everything You Need to Know

An excerpt from Delta Risk’s white paper, “Cyber Security and the Grid: The Definitive Guide,” explains the technical cybersecurity threats facing the grid.

Security Incident Response Plans: Six Essential Steps for Success

Incident response planning is the most effective security investment you can make. Here are the key steps to an actionable plan, according to Delta Risk.

What History Teaches Us About Today’s Insider Threats

A look at the history of insider threats and how their motivations have developed over time. Plus, current insider IT security threats. Delta Risk explains.

Top 10 Cyber Hygiene Tips for Healthcare IT and Security Professionals

Proper cybersecurity and patient data protection in the health care vertical requires these 10 steps, according to Delta Risk LLC, a Top 100 MSSP.

Incident Response Best Practices: What You Can Expect During the First Call

Delta Risk’s incident response (IR) teams have specific goals in mind when they start an engagement. Here are the precise steps the MSSP follows.

4 Ways to Integrate Cyber Security Incident Response, Business Continuity Plans

In many businesses, cybersecurity incident response & business continuity or disaster recovery are separate functions. Delta Risks suggests changing that.

Look in the Mirror to Solve the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

You can’t completely depend on outside forces to close the cybersecurity skills gap. Your organization must directly address the gap, Delta Risk explains.

Cyber Handyman Skill #5: Tools to Run Basic Vulnerability Scans

Vulnerability scanning tools like Nikto, Wpscan and Nmap are great for basic tasks. Delta Risk’s Matt Kuznia explains the details.