Posts by D. Howard Kass

Apple Lawsuit vs NSO Group Alleges iPhone, MacOS, WatchOS Spyware

Apple lawsuit alleges NSO Group used Pegasus spyware surveillance tool to target & track a small number of the iPhone maker’s customers worldwide.

Biomanufacturing Cyberattacks Allegedly Involved Russia-Linked Hackers

Hackers allegedly linked to Russia attacked a major biomanufacturing company last spring in a cyber offensive that could be a precursor to additional attacks on the sector, an industry cyber watchdog said.

Patch Management Planning and Processes: Updated NIST Guidance

NIST draft publications may help IT professionals, security consultants and MSSPs to improve enterprise patch management planning & execution.

CISA Cyber Response Playbook Offers Best Practices for Government MSSPs

CISA’s latest Cybersecurity Incident & Vulnerability Response Playbooks may assist MSSPs with federal government incident response.

CISA Would Reap $500M in President Biden’s $1.75T Infrastructure Bill

The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which frequently offers guidance to MSSPs, may benefit from Build Back Better infrastructure funding.

Memento Ransomware Group: Who Are They?

Memento ransomware attacks lock files in password protected archive and demand $1M in bitcoin, Sophos security researchers find.

CISA Plans More Forceful Response to Disinformation Campaigns

Still, it’s unclear if or how the CISA will step up efforts to engage content providers, platform providers & MSSPs to fight disinformation. 

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Seeks to Fill 1,500 Cybersecurity Positions

Cybersecurity Talent Management System (CTMS) arrives, but it’s a safe bet MSSPs can also fill cybersecurity voids for DHS & federal government agencies.

U.S. Supports International Cyberspace Security Initiative

The Paris Call for Trust & Security in Cyberspace may have upside for MSSPs, many of which support customers across international borders.

U.S. Telecom Networks: What Secure Equipment Act Means for MSSPs

How the Secure Equipment Act of 2021 may reshape U.S. telecom networks, inspire deeper MSSP monitoring & block Huawei equipment deployments.