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MSSPs and Endpoint Security as a Service Growth in 2018

Half of organizations use an MSSP for some endpoint security today and another 23% plan to use an MSSP for endpoint security within the next 24 months, ESG says.

Meltdown and Spectre: Systems Management Challenges

The Meltdown and Spectre security fixes will shine a light on how important systems management is to a secure business. ESG explains.

The Problem with Collecting, Processing, and Analyzing More Security Data

Security is a big data application, so it’s time for the security industry & cybersecurity pros to get that data under control. ESG offers this advice.

Six Stages of Public Cloud Security Explained

As organizations embrace public cloud computing, they tend to go through these six stages to or phases to address associated cloud security requirements.

Security Operations Spending: Can You Calculate ROI?

Businesses are willing to spend on security operations centers (SOCs), but they’ll demand metrics demonstrating improved cybersecurity results.

Cybersecurity Pros’ Opinions on Their Organization’s Security Operations

Business management is pressuring their cybersecurity teams to improve security analytics & operations. But that’s not all. ESG shares research results.

Security Operations Challenges Galore

CISOs should think in terms of 3-year strategic security operations planning rather than adding the latest next-generation tool, ESG asserts.

Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations Skills Shortage

Cybersecurity operations staffs are particularly weak at threat hunting, assessing & prioritizing security alerts, forensics & tracking incident lifecycles.

How the Fluid Network Perimeter Is Driving an Internet of Identities

Many organizations continue to treat IAM (Identity and Access Management) as a hot potato, with no full-time owner. ESG’s Mark Bowker offers this advice.

Addressing Security Analytics and Operations Issues

Security analytics and operations is complex work that requires more than just a crackerjack staff. ESG explains why.