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Machine Learning for Cybersecurity: How to Move Forward

Machine learning algorithms have great potential to help with security analytics and employee productivity. But challenges remain. ESG explains.

Cybersecurity Skills Shortage: Security Analytics and Operations Impact

Cybersecurity skills are especially important when it comes to security analytics & operations. Unfortunately, those skills are particularly lacking.

Cybersecurity Operations: More Difficult Than Two Years Ago

More than 70% of cybersecurity & IT professionals believe cybersecurity analytics & operations is more difficult in 2017 than 2015. ESG explains why.

Black Hat 2017 Conference Preview: 4 Cybersecurity Trends

Black Hat 2017 cybersecurity conference trends involve machine learning/artificial intelligence, automation & orchestration, SOAPA & threat intelligence.

Can Internet of Identities (IoI) Ensure Secure Connections?

Connecting sources & destinations must move beyond Layer 2/3 protocols, usernames & passwords. Everything on the Internet must have a trustworthy identity.

Why SIEM Remains An Enterprise Security Architect Requirement

SIEM is really a requirement for any technology provider classified as a true enterprise-class cybersecurity vendor, ESG’s Jon Oltsik asserts.

Toward Enterprise Security Technology Integration

Most organizations lack enough skilled cybersecurity professionals so CISOs are fixated on security technology efficiencies. ESG’s Jon Oltsik explains why.

Cybersecurity Tools: Enterprises Start Technology Consolidation

The typical enterprise uses dozens of cybersecurity tools. Amid lack of integration, some enterprises will consolidate those point solutions, ESG says.

Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Threatens Midmarket Businesses, Organizations

Most midmarket organizations have a small cybersecurity staff (1 to 5 people). They delegate lots of security tasks to IT operations. Can MSSPs assist?

SOAPA Security Services Opportunities for MSSPs

MSSPs need to master a Security Operations and Analytics Platform Architecture (SOAPA). ESG explains why — and how to get started.