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The Roadmap to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) helps MSSPs provide remote workers with secure access to corporate assets and resources, Fortinet writes.

A Vendor’s Experienced People are Key to a MSSP’s Success

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A cybersecurity vendor must have people with the experience and knowledge to help its MSSP partners reach their goals, Fortinet asserts.

Start With an Integrated Solution for a Successful MSSP-Vendor Partnership

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Fortinet examines the “ingredients” that go into a recipe for a successful MSSP-Vendor partnership.

The Ingredients for a Successful MSSP and Vendor Partnership

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An exceptional vendor provides MSSPs with access to seasoned employees that know the products and the cybersecurity industry inside and out.

Tips for Assessing Your Vendor Opportunities as a MSSP

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How can MSSP partners validate opportunities before investing time, resources and people? Fortinet offers tips for assessing those opportunities.

Why it’s Not Just a “Cloud First” Approach

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Many MSSPs and MSPs are now considering Secure SD-WAN solutions to address both networking and security within their cloud strategy.

Security Should Not be an Afterthought and Neither Should Networking

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Demand for MSSPs is growing because of the realization that networking, security & compute must work together, Fortinet asserts.

How MSPs Can Improve Scalability and Agility with SD-WAN and ZTNA

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In the remote work era, MSPs can maximize network performance & security using SD-WANs & Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Fortinet asserts.

Convergence of Networking and Security is a Must for Service Providers

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The concept of networking & security convergence isn’t new. But the urgency for MSSPs to embrace such convergence has increased. Fortinet explains why.

5 Techniques to Fight Ransomware That MSSPs Can’t Ignore

Ransomware is likely to change and become more sophisticated, but it’s not going away. Fortinet offers five tips to help in the fight.