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Will Quantum Computing Break the Internet?

“What could cause a digital Armageddon?” My answer: Quantum computing — which may someday break the cryptography that protects the Internet.

Measuring Cyber Resilience – A Rising Tide Raises All Ships

Building cyber resilience requires you to qualitatively and quantitatively measure the capabilities of an enterprise.

NIST Password Guidance Should Be Well-Received

While NIST’s recent password guidance figures to be well-received, raising awareness about the security guidance is the short-term challenge.

Creating a CyberCulture

Maybe it’s time to start evaluating all potential hires on their abilities to assist in securing the enterprise through sound personal security habits.

Cybersecurity Workforce Development: 5 Takeaways From a NIST Workshop

A NIST workshop on Cybersecurity Workforce Development reveals these five trends. In response, here’s how the ISACA will enable cyber solutions.

Mobile Computing: Increasing Productivity and Cyber Risk

IT auditors must assess the state of mobile computing across governance, remote access, data loss, malware, incident response and more.

Increased Cyber Awareness Must Trigger Equivalent Action

Recent and widely publicized cyber attacks must drive a renewed, more concerted and coordinated global commitment to strengthen cyber security capabilities.

Getting Smarter About Making Cities Smart

Every city is modernizing infrastructure services (public transportation, utilities, health care) by leveraging technology & law enforcement in smart ways.

Job Boards, Social Media Networking Sites Can Set Cyber Attacks in Motion

Hackers & attackers perform reconnaissance on Websites, forums, job boards, and social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter. Here’s how.

Auditing Data Privacy Can Bring Major Value to Organizations

A data privacy audit should include the following areas and best practices, according to the ISACA.