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Blockchain, Identity, Trust and Governance

KuppingerCole is actively researching blockchain and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) including its applications to identity, privacy, security — and proper corporate governance. Here’s why.

Blockchain for Identity Services: Myth or Potential Reality?

There are areas where Blockchain technology has the potential to help solve existing identity problems. KuppingerCole shares the details.

What Is FIAM (Fake Identity and Access Management)?

FIAM (Fake Identity and Access Management) may sound like a joke. But it is a real thing, complete with technical solutions (using above-board IDaaS and social networks). KuppingerCole explains the details and risks.

Azure Advanced Threat Protection: Securing Your Identities Right From the Cloud

Microsoft Azure Advanced Threat Protection (Azure ATP for short) is a cloud-based service for monitoring and protecting hybrid IT infrastructures against targeted cyberattacks and malicious insider activities, KuppingerCole explains.

Recent Cyberattack Against German Government Network: No Surprise

Is the German government network as super secure as the government claims? Obviously not. It might even be above average. But every network is vulnerable to attacks.

GDPR and Financial Services – Imperatives and Conflicts

GDPR emphasizes transparency and the rights of data subjects. Those focus areas may lead to conflicts with the other compliance directives. Kuppinger Cole explains why.

European Banking Authority (EBA) Rules Out Secure Open Banking?

It seems perverse that technical regulations associated with the opening of electronic payment services may inhibit modern cybersecurity measures.

Free Software Tools That Can Save Millions? We Need More of These

The number of security risks a business-critical database faces is surprisingly large. Can free tools assist?

Please: No More GDPR Related Compliance Deadline Blog Posts!

Set up an email client filter that sorts GDPR messages directly into spam … but only if you’ve truly started your journey towards GDPR compliance early.

More Than Buzzwords: Cyber Risk Governance

Cyber risk governance requires strong executive leadership, a strategic framework for associated processes and related technological components.