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Posts by Netsurion

What is a SIEM and How Does it Benefit My MSP Business?

How a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform can improve an MSP (managed IT services provider) business, according to Netsurion.

SOC-as-a-Service Enables MSP Growth and Client Loyalty

MSPs are providing cybersecurity and IT compliance offerings to help generate incremental revenue, strengthen customer loyalty, and improve profit margins.

Securing the Mobile Connectivity of First Responders

First responder mobile applications demand reliable, responsive & secure network connections. Here’s where SD-WANs fit in, according to Netsurion.

What is EDR and How Does it Provide Defense in Depth?

How endpoint detection & response (EDR) plus Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) can strengthen MSP & MSSP defenses, according to Netsurion.

What is SD-Branch and How Does It Complete Your Security Portfolio?

SD-Branch offers businesses secure connectivity, centralized management, and cloud-deployed network services, Netsurion explains.

MSP Security: 4 Steps to Protecting Your Business and Customers

These four tips will help ensure security for your MSP (managed IT services provider) business and your clientele, according to Netsurion.

Prevent, Detect, and Respond for True Security

Is a business really protected or is it Home Alone? Where SIEM and MSPs fit into the SMB security conversation.

Five Predictions for the Channel in 2019

How will the channel market transform in 2019? Here are some predictions involving MSPs and managed cybersecurity services, care of Netsurion VP Guy Cunningham.

SMB Digital Transformation: MSP Security Requirements Explained

SMB digital transformation requires security “from Endpoint-to-Edge.” Netsurion, parent of EventTracker, explains where SIEM, SD-WANs and MSP partners fit in.

Buy, Rent, or Uber Your Security Operations Center

When it comes to security operations centers (SOCs), MSSPs & MSPs need the best people, processes and platform — at the lowest cost, EventTracker explains.