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Posts by Patterson Belknap

The Next Big Thing: Data Breach Securities Class Action Litigation

For companies on the receiving end of a data security-related class action securities fraud complaint during the past year, we have found that the lawsuits fall into three general categories.

Education Department Threatens to Pull Funding for Non-Compliance

U.S. Department of Education (ED) guidance threatens to “yank” Title IV funding for post-secondary institutions lacking appropriate data security safeguards.

More State Data Security Regulation: North Carolina Bill Contains Strict Disclosure Measures

North Carolina’s cybersecurity bill requires businesses that suffer a breach to notify affected consumers within 15 days. Patterson Belknap explains.

DOJ Guidance for Collecting Data Stored in the Cloud

The Justice Department is changing its approach to collecting data stored in the cloud. Experts from Patterson Belknap explain.

Inside the Stanford University Data Breach: Part One

Stanford University’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities reveal the challenges higher education faces in dealing with data sprawl. Patterson Belknap explains.

New York Becomes National Force in Data Security

New York emerges as the nation’s de facto top data security regulator amid moves in financial services & consumer privacy. Patterson Belknap explains.

Healthcare Cyber: House Inquiry Targets Medical Software

House Energy and Commerce Committee seeks information from Nuance Communications concerning its handling of the NotPetya malware & ransomware attack.

Equifax Flunked Index Provider’s Cybersecurity Test A Year Ago

A financial index provider foretold Equifax’s data breach more than a year ago, saying the rating agency “is vulnerable to data theft & security breaches.”

Justice Department Accuses Google of “Alarming” Tactics in Fight over SCA Search Warrant

The dispute between the U.S. government & Google concerning the company’s refusal to hand over customer data stored on foreign servers takes an odd twist. 

SEC Watch: “Observations” from SEC’s Cybersecurity 2 Initiative

A recent OCIE report is a valuable resource for any SEC-regulated firm looking to improve its cybersecurity compliance, Patterson Belknap asserts.