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Posts by Sophos

Channel Partners’ Role in Protecting Against Microsoft Exchange Vulnerabilities

A look at those Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities, and how channel partners can protect customers from Exchange threat actor called Hafnium.

The Biggest Challenges for MSPs Managing Public Cloud Environments

As customers more heavily embrace cloud services, MSPs need security that unites data, monitoring & management in one place, Sophos asserts.

Managed Service Providers’ Role in Supply Chain Security

Any organization can be a target for a supply chain attack, but MSPs & MSSPs are attractive targets. Sophos explains proper risk mitigation.

20 Years of Cyberthreats: What Have We Learned?

Cybersecurity company Sophos explains the hacker eras of software worms, monetization & ransomware, and lessons learned for MSPs & MSSPs.

The 3 Consistent Pillars in a Threat Hunter’s Unpredictable World

Threat hunting is an exercise in unpredictability. However, MSPs can leverage certain principles to help identify attackers, Sophos says.

The 3 Trends Defining Ransomware in 2021

The explosion of ransomware in 2020 may have been the appetizer for ransomware gangs before the main course of 2021, Sophos predicts.

5 Ways Healthcare Systems Can Weather the Ransomware Storm

Amidst the pandemic, ransomware attacks appear to be increasing in the healthcare industry. Sophos explains how MSPs can mitigate the malware threat.

New Sophos Research Highlights the Psychological Impact of Ransomware Attacks

The research reveals why organizations can’t take their focus off human-led threat hunting and why those attacked by ransomware are never the same afterward

Maximize Cyber Resilience with Sophos Managed Threat Response

A comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that includes Endpoint detection and response is absolutely critical for proactively defending against attacks.

Unified Next-Gen Protection: An MSP Guide to Selling Cybersecurity as a System

MSPs (managed IT services providers) need simplified cybersecurity solutions to scale their businesses & protect SMB customers. Sophos explains where unified security fits in.