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The Active Adversary Landscape In 2022

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You never know when an active adversary might be lurking in your network—which is why it’s critical to understand their evolving tactics.

A Closer Look At Today’s Ransomware Attack Landscape

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Sophos VP Scott Barlow explains how ransomware attack frequency & severity are evolving, and the implications for MSP cybersecurity strategies.

5 Ways MSPs Can Improve Public Cloud Security Across AWS, Azure and Google

Plus: MSPs must take these four steps to deliver real visibility & monitoring into customer cloud environments, Sophos VP Scott Barlow asserts.

Biggest MSP Takeaways From The Apache Log4j Vulnerability

Patching alone isn’t the solution to the Apache Log4j vulnerability. Sophos explains how MSPs can mitigate the Log4j and Log4Shell security risks.

MSPs Need to be Prepared to Defend Against Ransomware in 2022

We’re in the midst of a ransomware crisis, with the epidemic intensifying heading into 2022. Sophos VP Scott Barlow offers this MSP advice.

Security Talent: Top 3 Skills to Look For in a Threat Hunter

Memo to security MSPs: Whether you build or outsource a threat hunting team, here are the top qualities to pursue, Sophos VP Scott Barlow asserts.

Top Cyber Threats for MSPs To Be Aware of in 2022

To stay a step ahead of next year’s cyber threat landscape, here are some tips for MSPs to focus on, according to Sophos.

3 Parameters for Building a Zero-Trust Cybersecurity Strategy

How can MSSPs, MSPs & businesses embark on a zero-trust strategy? Follow these three recommendations from Sophos VP Scott Barlow.

An Inside Look at a REvil Ransomware Attack

A recent REvil Ransomware attack offers two important lessons for channel partners, security-minded MSPs & MSSPs, according to Sophos researchers.

The Power of Data in Defending Against Ransomware

Your SOC (staffed by expert, human-led threat hunting teams) in conjunction with protective software is the best path forward for MSPs battling ransomware.