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An MSP’s Guide to Proactive Incident Response Planning

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MSPs can help customers stay ahead of cyber threats by leveraging their expertise and supporting proactive incident response planning.

3 Reasons Why Organizations Need Managed Security Services

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Amid IT labor shortages and intensifying cyberthreats, organizations need managed security services to stay protected, Sophos asserts.

MSPs: Are You Really Capable of Securing Multi-Cloud Environments?

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It’s up to MSPs to defend customers’ multi-cloud environments against evolving threats by leveraging their expertise and third-party resources.

4 Trends Shaping the 2023 Cyberthreat Landscape

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New research from Sophos details the 2022 cybercrime trends that are shaping the 2023 cyberthreat landscape, from infostealers to ransomware attacks.

How to Improve Threat Detection and Response with Telemetry

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Modern operating environments require advanced threat detection and response. MSPs can lean on vendor agnostic telemetry to mitigate harmful cyberattacks, Sophos asserts.

3 Ways to Help Customers Defend Against Linux-Based Cyberattacks

MSPs need to stay current in Linux security practices and guide customers through the deployment of cyber defense measures, Sophos asserts.

How to Bolster Customer Security Operations Against Overlapping Attacks

One trend continues to shape the cyberthreat landscape & complicate incident response: The rise of multiple bad actors infiltrating a single network.

MSPs can help close the cybersecurity skills gap. Here’s how

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Faced with a widening cybersecurity skills gap, Sophos VP Scott Barlow explains that MSPs should prioritize upskilling their workforce.

Ransomware Attacks Reign Supreme in 2022

Protect customers from ransomware attacks and their harmful effects by gaining an understanding of today’s cybercriminals and their tools and tactics. Sophos explains how.

The Active Adversary Landscape In 2022

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You never know when an active adversary might be lurking in your network—which is why it’s critical to understand their evolving tactics.