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Top Cyber Threats for MSPs To Be Aware of in 2022

To stay a step ahead of next year’s cyber threat landscape, here are some tips for MSPs to focus on, according to Sophos.

3 Parameters for Building a Zero-Trust Cybersecurity Strategy

How can MSSPs, MSPs & businesses embark on a zero-trust strategy? Follow these three recommendations from Sophos VP Scott Barlow.

An Inside Look at a REvil Ransomware Attack

A recent REvil Ransomware attack offers two important lessons for channel partners, security-minded MSPs & MSSPs, according to Sophos researchers.

The Power of Data in Defending Against Ransomware

Your SOC (staffed by expert, human-led threat hunting teams) in conjunction with protective software is the best path forward for MSPs battling ransomware.

Defending Against Today’s Ransomware Crisis

Sophos experts recommend the following five best practices for MSSPs to protect themselves and their customers against ransomware.

TLS Encrypted Malware Requires Partners to Step up Network Security

Sophos researchers document an increase in the use of TLS in ransomware attacks over the past year. Here’s what MSPs & MSSPs need to know.

Channel Partners’ Role in Protecting Against Microsoft Exchange Vulnerabilities

A look at those Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities, and how channel partners can protect customers from Exchange threat actor called Hafnium.

The Biggest Challenges for MSPs Managing Public Cloud Environments

As customers more heavily embrace cloud services, MSPs need security that unites data, monitoring & management in one place, Sophos asserts.

Managed Service Providers’ Role in Supply Chain Security

Any organization can be a target for a supply chain attack, but MSPs & MSSPs are attractive targets. Sophos explains proper risk mitigation.

20 Years of Cyberthreats: What Have We Learned?

Cybersecurity company Sophos explains the hacker eras of software worms, monetization & ransomware, and lessons learned for MSPs & MSSPs.