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The Four Horsemen of Software Supply Chain Attacks

2022 is starting to look like the year of the supply chain attack. But why are threat actors so attracted to this kind of attack?

Lapsus$ and Single Sign-On Cyberattacks: Security Tips MSSPs Need to Know

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How can MSSPs and IT professionals detect a successful attack against Single Sign-On infrastructure? Sumo Logic offers this security guidance.

Overwhelmed? SOAR Is A Game Changer for MSSPs

How the right cloud-based SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation & Response) service can help MSSPs shorten threat response times, optimize high-value security personnel, and reduce overall business risk.

Cloud-Native SOAR and SIEM Solutions Pave The Road To The Modern SOC

Here’s the roadmap toward creating the modern SOC (security operations center), according to Sumo Logic.

Infrastructure Is A Disaster – The Lessons From Log4j Vulnerability

Don’t let an issue like Log4j ruin your weekend. Proactive monitoring can help MSSPs to identify, understand, isolate & stop a security incident, Sumo Logic notes.

Supply Chain Security, Compliance, and Privacy Tips For Cloud-Native Ecosystems

What exactly is a software supply chain — and how can MSSPs and CISOs secure those digital supply chains? Sumo Logic offers this context.

How Cloud SOAR Mitigates The Cybersecurity Skill Gap Problem In Modern SOCs

Here are five ways CISOs and MSSP leaders can lessen the impact of the cybersecurity skills gap, according to SUMO LOGIC.

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) Explained

SOAR plays a pivotal role at the heart of every modern SOC. But what role will SOAR play beyond 2021? Sumo Logic explains.

5 Important DevOps Monitoring Metrics

These five key metrics for DevOps software pipelines can help measure software delivery performance, Cloud SIEM & SOAR provider Sumo Logic asserts.

4 Key Capabilities To Consider When Buying A SOAR

Although no two SOAR platforms are completely alike, they should all possess some core functions and capabilities.