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4 Key Capabilities To Consider When Buying A SOAR

Although no two SOAR platforms are completely alike, they should all possess some core functions and capabilities.

3 Must-Have Requirements When Selecting Your Next (or First) SIEM

While not comprehensive, evaluating a SIEM platform’s capabilities across the following areas offers a solid start, Sumo Logic says.

3 Ways FedRAMP Can Help Grow Your Revenue

FedRAMP is one of the most robust and demanding security regulations. Here are some ways it can help grow MSSPs’ revenue.

XDR for MDR Service Providers: Holy Grail or Security Hype?

Is XDR an elusive SecOps solution to all MDR (managed detection & response) security woes? Sumo Logic digs into a reality check.

Modernize in 2021: 5 Critical Features for a Modern Managed SIEM Service

For MSPs & MSSPs evaluating SIEM (security information and event management) solutions, Sumo Logic’s Roger Shepard offers this guidance.

The Top 5 Legacy SIEM Failures for MSSPs

The future for SOCaaS, MSSP and MDR service providers is the Modern SIEM. Here’s why partners need to shed legacy SIEM options, Sumo Logic asserts.

Predictions 2021: Explosion in Adoption of Cloud-native Security Solutions

Why MSSP, MSP & MDR cybersecurity providers will embrace cloud-native SIEM (security information and event management) in 2021, according to Sumo Logic.

3 Must Ask Questions to Verify a SIEM is Truly Cloud-Native

How can MSSPs shift from legacy platforms to modern SIEM (security information & event management) with a true SaaS architecture? Sumo Logic offers these tips.

A New Framework for Modern Security

As enterprises of all sizes accelerate digital transformation and move to the cloud, a new security architecture is required to address evolving threats.