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Incident Readiness and Response Explained for Retail and Hospitality Businesses

If your hotel or retail chain is under attack & you’re only then purchasing incident response services, then you are behind the eight ball. Trustwave explains.

GDPR and Consent: What to Consider

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), an entity must have a “valid lawful basis” to process personal data. What does that mean? Trustwave offers these answers.

Third-Party Cyberattacks: Five Steps to Protecting Supply Chains

A slip-up by one of your partners or suppliers could undermine your cybersecurity efforts. Top MSSP Trustwave explains how to avoid third-party attacks involving your supply chain.

Top Reasons CISOs Embrace MSSPs and Managed Security Partners

Why do CISOs (chief information security officers) partner with Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs). A Trustwave survey reveals key answers.

Security Pros Show Progress On Two Fronts

Trustwave’s 2018 Security Pressures Report highlights continued challenges for security professionals. But it also pinpoints at least two clear areas of progress. Dan Kaplan explains.

5 Most Common Web Application Attacks (And 3 Security Recommendations)

The basic web application attack techniques haven’t changed much in recent years. Trustwave explains the common web attacks and effective security strategies.

The Good (But Mostly Still Bad) News About Spam and Phishing

Trustwave researchers largely blame the high rate of malicious spam (also called “malspam”), phishing & associated ransomware on the Necurs botnet, a rapid-fire network of zombie computers.

How to Select A Web Application Firewall: 5 Questions to Ask

If you’re considering a WAF (Web Application Firewall) for the first time or replacing the one you have, you have a lot to consider. Trustwave, a Top 100 MSSP, offers this firewall selection guidance.

Root Access and Ransomware: Investigators Find Surprising Results

Trustwave investigates hacker incidents in which attackers gained root — or administrative-level access — to a company’s network to install ransomware.

An Email Thread From Actual CEO Fraud Attack

Your boss just needs a quick favor — a simple funds transfer. But it’s actually CEO fraud, which is a targeted, one-on-one operation conducted individually by con artists targeting specific companies (and specific individuals at those companies). Trustwave explains.