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Posts by WatchGuard

4 Ways MSSPs Can Improve Their Security Offering Through Automation

Service providers need automation built into their security offerings to mitigate increasingly sophisticated threats. WatchGuard explains how MSSPs can move forward.

Remote Work Security: Key MSSP Focus Areas

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, MSSPs need to assist customers with remote work environment security. WatchGuard explains how.

Why MSSPs Should Add Wi-Fi Security to Their Tech Stack

Smart MSSPs can detect & prevent the six Layer Two Wi-Fi threat categories that nearly every business has been vulnerable to for the last 21 years. WatchGuard explains how.

Identity Theft Attacks to MSPs in 2019…

Why MFA (multi-factor authentication) is critical in protecting managed service providers (MSPs) from cyberattacks & network breaches. WatchGuard’s Alexandre Cagnoni explains.

MSP Cloud Presence Concerns

As cybercriminals target cloud service provider (CSP) infrastructure, will the risks extend to MSPs and MSSPs? WatchGuard takes a look at the variables.