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The Biggest Cyberattacks in 2022 So Far — and it’s Just the Tip of the Iceberg

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MSPs that execute a layered cyber resilience strategy can protect small business customers from these types of cyberattacks, AppRiver, Webroot & OpenText indicate.

Managed Detection And Response (MDR) Needs to Be Purpose-Built for MSPs

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Managed Detection and Response (MDR) helps MSPs to secure SMB customers. But be sure to select an MDR security platform purpose-built for MSPs.

2022 Threat Report Research: Security Trends MSPs, MSSPs Must Navigate

Threat research analysts at OpenText, Webroot and Carbonite identify the latest security threats that MSSPs & MSPs must mitigate for customers.

Strengthening Cyber Resilience In The UK Through Managed Service Providers

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The UK government’s new National Cyber Strategy involves widening the scope of the NIS regulations to include MSPs, explains Webroot.

Social Engineering: Cybercrime Meets Human Hacking

Here’s how MSPs can educate customers about social engineering tactics — and effective ways to mitigate social engineering risks, according to Webroot.

Threat Hunting: Your Best Defence Against Unknown Threats

Threat hunting involves actively searching for adversaries before an attack occurs. Here are the implications for MSPs, according to OpenText’s Webroot.

Making the Case for MDR Security Services: An Ally in an Unfriendly Landscape

Managed detection and response (MDR) provides MSPs with a proactive managed cybersecurity approach. Webroot and Blackpoint Cyber explain how.

NIST And No-Notice: Finding The Goldilocks Zone For Phishing Simulation Difficulty

Here are NIST’s recommendations for phishing simulations in security awareness training programs, and the implications for MSPs & MSSPs.

What A Difference A Year Makes, Or Does It?

The Webroot Threat Report featured multiple cybersecurity & cyberattack predictions. Did those cyber predictions come true? Here’s a scorecard.

NIST’s Ransomware Guidelines Look A Lot Like Cyber Resilience

Credit: National Institute of Technology and Standards

When NIST published ransomware-specific recommendations for businesses, the guidance resembled a cyber resilience framework, Webroot says.