Botnet cyberattack news, analysis and research. How MSSPs can stop, mitigate and/or blog botnet attacks against Internet infrastructure.

Fraudsters Flooding Retail Markets with Bad Bots, Preying on Unsuspecting Retailers, Consumers

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Kasada advises that hackers will exploit gift card fraud, fake account creation, freebie bots and scraping attacks this holiday season.

Arkose Labs Advances Bot Detection With New CAPTCHA Capability

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Arkose MatchKey is billed as an intuitive CAPTCHA solution that thwarts cyber attackers from accessing companies’ network systems.

“Freebie Bots” Plague Online Holiday Shoppers, Reports Bot Defender Kasada

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Freebie bots are used to automatically scan retail websites for mispriced goods and services and purchase them before the error is fixed.

Bot Research Report: Kasada Reveals Skyrocketing Bot-Driven Account Fraud Costs

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Companies waste too much money, time and effort on reactive solutions to bot attacks, Kasada’s CEO asserts.

Twitter API Leak Can Open Door to Building a Bot Army, CloudSEK Reports

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“How Leaked Twitter API’s Can Be Used to Build a Bot Army” is the new report from CloudSEK, an AI company that predicts cyberthreats.

Hackers Use Prometei Botnet to Attack Microsoft Exchange Users

Cybercriminals leverage Prometei botnet to exploit Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities linked to the Hafnium cyberattacks, Cybereason says.

International Law Enforcement Cripples Emotet Bot Network

International law enforcement dismantle Emotet botnet, widely regarded as the world’s most dangerous & notorious malware operation.

Microsoft, Partners, Feds Dismantle Trickbot Network Before Elections

How Microsoft, security companies & U.S. Cyber Command delivered Russian-linked Trickbot operation a serious blow.

FritzFrog Botnet Breached 500 SSH Servers Since January 2020

FritzFrog peer-to-peer (P2P) botnet has breached secure shell servers (SSH) in the government, education and financial sectors, Guardicore research says.

Mozi IoT Botnet: Here’s What MSSPs Need to Know

CenturyLink threat research & operations team Black Lotus Labs identifies Mozi, a malware family that uses a botnet to attack Internet of Things (IoT) devices.