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U.S. Justice Dept Zaps Joanap Botnet Targeting Windows Machines

The U.S. Justice Department seeks to neutralize the Joanap botnet built by North Korean hackers that has for years infected Microsoft Windows machines worldwide.

Mirai Botnet Co-Author Sentenced to $8.6 Million Fine

The convicted co-author of the Mirai botnet must pay $8.6 million in damages for launching a series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks at Rutgers University.

NTT Adds Botnet Infrastructure Detection for Managed Security Services

NTT Security, a Top 100 MSSP for 2018, adds integrated network analytics technology into its Managed Security Services (MSS). The move detects and defends against cyberattacks launched on botnet infrastructure.

Symantec Launches Free VPNFilter Security Tool

Symantec unveils VPNFilter Check, a free online tool designed to help individuals and organizations determine if a router may be impacted by VPNFilter malware.

VPNFilter IoT Botnet Now Hitting Endpoints, More Router Models

The VPNFilter botnet, first reported by Cisco Talos researchers two weeks ago, may be considerably worse than originally thought. The malware has penetrated more routers and even endpoints.

FBI Issues VPNFilter Cyberattack Warning, Urges Network Router Reboots

The FBI issues VPNFilter cyberattack warning, urging consumers to reboot their small office and home office (SOHO) routers in a bid to mitigate a potential worldwide attack.

FBI Seeks to Shut Down Massive VPNFilter Botnet; Russia Denies Cyberattack Plans

An IoT botnet called VPNFilter infects more than 500,000 devices worldwide — placing malware on routers & network attached storage hardware, according to Cisco’s Talos business. Russia denies involvement. FBI seeks to shut down botnet.

Mirai Malware Authors Plead Guilty to DDoS Botnet Attacks

Mirai malware co-authors plead guilty to creating botnet & launching distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on several large internet companies.

The IoTroop/Reaper Botnet: IoT Cyber Zombies Are Real

A closer look at the IoTroop/Reaper botnet and potential cybersecurity concerns. Details from Check Point, China’s Qihoo 360 and more.