Cybersecurity breaches, attacks, data and customer privacy issues involving compliance regulations like CMMC, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley and more.

Government Tracks Mobile Location on Millions in Coronavirus Pandemic

How the United States is gathering, aggregating & analyzing mobile location data to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Will privacy issues emerge?

Work From Home: 10 NIST Cybersecurity Recommendations

As the coronavirus pandemic triggers Work From Home boom, here are 10 NIST recommendations to secure telework and remote access solutions.

Justice Department Retools in Encryption Fight vs Apple, Facebook

The Justice Department now believes it is better armed to force companies, particularly Apple and Facebook, to unlock devices & encrypted messaging apps to law enforcement.

Facial Recognition Clearview AI Startup Suffers Cyber Attack

Hackers steal 3 billion images from Clearview AI, a facial recognition software company.

Boards of Directors Prepping to Oversee Cybersecurity Risk, Study Says

Four “dynamic tensions” likely shape boardroom governance & oversight of cybersecurity, Booz Allen Hamilton & University of California at Berkeley study says.

U.S. Restricts Exports of AI Software to Scan Satellite Images

U.S. companies that export artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze satellite images will need a special license to send such code to China and elsewhere, new regulations say.

Canada Signals Overhaul of Data Privacy

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau signals his intent to overhaul data privacy within Canada. Hunton Andrews Kurth explains.

Right to Be Forgotten: European GDPR Draft Guidelines

A European board offers draft guidelines for the right to be forgotten in search engine cases under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

ISP Infrastructure Vulnerabilities: New Disclosure Law?

court legal justice vertical market lawsuit judge ruling

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) would be compelled to inform critical infrastructure owners and operators of vulnerabilities detected on their systems under a proposed bipartisan bill.

Patients Sue Alabama Healthcare System After Ryuk Ransomware Attack

court legal justice vertical market lawsuit judge ruling

Four patients have filed lawsuits against Alabama’s DCH Health System. The lawsuits involve alleged HIPAA privacy violnations amid ransomware attacks.