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Phishing attacks, incidents, costs, prevention and recovery strategies for Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) and cybersecurity companies.

Microsoft Office 365 Phishing: Avanan Identifies SharePoint Attack

Cybercriminals use Microsoft SharePoint phishing attack called PhishPoint to harvest Office 365 end-user credentials, cloud security platform provider Avanan warns.

Top 10 Phishing Email Subject Lines Q2 2018

Here are the most popular phishing email subject lines for Q2 2018, according to KnowBe4. Hackers launch phishing attacks that play into email users’ commitment to security, the research says.

Vade Office 365 Email Security Tool Targets Channel Partners

Vade Secure launches Microsoft Office 365 security add-on to protect against spear phishing, malware and more.

The Good (But Mostly Still Bad) News About Spam and Phishing

Trustwave researchers largely blame the high rate of malicious spam (also called “malspam”), phishing & associated ransomware on the Necurs botnet, a rapid-fire network of zombie computers.

An Email Thread From Actual CEO Fraud Attack

Your boss just needs a quick favor — a simple funds transfer. But it’s actually CEO fraud, which is a targeted, one-on-one operation conducted individually by con artists targeting specific companies (and specific individuals at those companies). Trustwave explains.

Two-Factor Authentication and Phishing Attacks: Kevin Mitnick’s Warning

Two-factor authentication (2FA) can be weaponized to launch a cyberattack against any website, according to white hat hacker Kevin Mitnick and security awareness training platform provider KnowBe4.

The Human Firewall Is a Lie

Lately, I hear a lot of cybersecurity people talk about the need to strengthen the “human firewall.” My take: Security needs to start doing its job and stop blaming users.

AppRiver Report: 1,000% Increase in Phishing Attacks in 2017

Email & web-based spam & malware attacks impact global organizations in 2017, a cybersecurity study conducted by AppRiver shows.

Study: Phishing Scams Dupe More Than 30 Percent of Insurance, Non-profit Employees

Proper user training can dramatically reduce phishing-related cybersecurity breaches, KnowBe4 research suggests.

Healthcare Email Security Defenders Want DMARC Installed in 90 Days

Healthcare is the number one vertical market for email phishing attacks, according to a new cybersecurity research study.