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Phishing attacks, incidents, costs, prevention and recovery strategies for Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) and cybersecurity companies.

An Email Thread From Actual CEO Fraud Attack

Your boss just needs a quick favor — a simple funds transfer. But it’s actually CEO fraud, which is a targeted, one-on-one operation conducted individually by con artists targeting specific companies (and specific individuals at those companies). Trustwave explains.

Two-Factor Authentication and Phishing Attacks: Kevin Mitnick’s Warning

Two-factor authentication (2FA) can be weaponized to launch a cyberattack against any website, according to white hat hacker Kevin Mitnick and security awareness training platform provider KnowBe4.

The Human Firewall Is a Lie

Lately, I hear a lot of cybersecurity people talk about the need to strengthen the “human firewall.” My take: Security needs to start doing its job and stop blaming users.

AppRiver Report: 1,000% Increase in Phishing Attacks in 2017

Email & web-based spam & malware attacks impact global organizations in 2017, a cybersecurity study conducted by AppRiver shows.

Study: Phishing Scams Dupe More Than 30 Percent of Insurance, Non-profit Employees

Proper user training can dramatically reduce phishing-related cybersecurity breaches, KnowBe4 research suggests.

Healthcare Email Security Defenders Want DMARC Installed in 90 Days

Healthcare is the number one vertical market for email phishing attacks, according to a new cybersecurity research study.

MSSP PhishLabs, PhishLine Network Security Announce Partnership

Managed security services provider (MSSP) PhishLabs & network security company PhishLine partner to deliver advanced phishing attack analytics & reporting.

MSSP PhishLabs Unveils Phishing Threat Monitoring, Forensics Service

South Carolina-based managed security services provider (MSSP) PhishLabs unveils a phishing attack threat monitoring & forensics service for organizations.

Necurs Botnet: Don’t Open Suspicious Emails with Fake Invoices, They’re Ransomware Payloaded

Necurs botnet, among the world’s most nefarious bugs that has zombied some six million endpoints, has transmogrified itself yet again.

Webroot: Nearly 1.4 Million New Phishing Sites Launched Each Month

Phishing attacks are growing in size, sophistication & severity, a new report from cybersecurity & threat intelligence services company Webroot shows.