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Phishing attacks, incidents, costs, prevention and recovery strategies for Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) and cybersecurity companies.

Office 365 Voicemail Phishing Campaign: Here’s What MSSPs Need to Know

Cybercriminals use fake voicemail message to lure victims into entering their Microsoft Office 365 email credentials as part of a new phishing campaign.

The Human Firewall Is a Lie

Lately, I hear a lot of cybersecurity people talk about the need to strengthen the “human firewall.” My take: Security needs to start doing its job and stop blaming users.

PDF Phishing Scams Rise Nearly 200%, Top 100 MSSP’s Report Finds

Malware PDF phishing scams saw a 193 percent spike in detections in Q2 2019, according to a new report from Nuspire, a Top 100 MSSP.

Hackers Use Google Drive Phishing Campaign to Target Energy Sector

Cybercriminals recently launched a Google Drive-based credential phishing campaign that bypassed the email security stack, phishing training firm Cofense says.

LookBack Malware Cyberattacks Target U.S. Utilities Sector

Cybercriminals are using “LookBack” malware to launch spear phishing attacks against U.S. utilities companies, cybersecurity solutions provider Proofpoint says.

Kentucky School District Recovers $3.7M from Phishing Incident

Scott County School District of Kentucky recovers $3.7 million stolen via a phishing indicent and associated cyber wire fraud transaction.

Wipro Breached, Hackers Attack Customer Accounts

Wipro email suffers phishing breach. Hackers attack Wipro’s technology outsourcing & managed IT services (MSP) customers, reports say.

Microsoft Counters Iranian Hackers, Spearphishing Attacks

Microsoft shuts down 100 websites associated with alleged Iranian spearphishing hackers called Phosphorus but also known as APT 35, Charming Kitten & Ajax Security Team.

KnowBe4: New Funding, $800 Million Valuation

KnowBe4 funded at $800 million valuation to drive cybersecurity awareness training & simulated phishing software. KKR & Ten Eleven Ventures involved.

Email Phishers Target Anti-Money Laundering Officers at U.S. Credit Unions

Email phishers target anti-money laundering agents at credit unions, a KrebsonSecurity report said.