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Ransomware incidents along with prevention, mitigation and recovery products for Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs).

Telemarketing Agency Suffers Ransomware Attack, May Lay Off Employees

Telemarketing agency The Heritage Company notifies employees that they may lose their jobs after a ransomware attack shut down its servers earlier this year.

Pensacola Ransomware Attack Update: Cybercriminals Release Data

Cybercriminals have released 2 GB of files allegedly stolen from the City of Pensacola, Florida during a Maze ransomware attack earlier this month.

FBI Issues LockerGaga, MegaCortex Ransomware Warning

FBI issues LockerGaga & MegaCortex ransomware attack warnings & offers tips to help organizations combat these malware-infused cyberattacks.

New Orleans Ransomware Attack Update: City to Raise Cyber Insurance to $10M

The City of New Orleans will raise its cyber insurance coverage from $3 million to $10 million after a recent ransomware attack shut down government systems.

Summit Hosting Acquires Ransomware Attack Victim’s Business Assets

Summit Hosting acquires the business assets of iNSYNQ, a hosted applications provider that suffered a ransomware malware attack in July 2019.

New Orleans Ransomware Attack: Recovery Update

New Orleans ransomware attack details and cyberattack recovery efforts. City, Louisiana State, FBI, National Guard & Secret Service investigate.

Zeppelin Ransomware Targets MSPs, Healthcare, Tech Companies in U.S. and Europe

Zeppelin ransomware apparently targets managed IT service providers (MSPs), healthcare & technology companies, Cylance research suggests.

Rhode Island Town Successfully Fights Ransomware Attack

The Town of Each Greenwich, Rhode Island, successfully battles, mitigates & rapidly recovers from ransomware attack, local report says.

Buggy Ryuk Ransomware Decryptor Can Cause Data Loss, Corruption

Buggy Ryuk ransomware decryption tool heightens risks for malware victims, Emsisoft reports.

Snatch Data-Theft Ransomware: Here’s What MSSPs Need to Know

Snatch ransomware forces a Windows machine to reboot into Safe Mode to bypass endpoint protection & encrypts device information, Sophos research reveals.