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Ransomware incidents along with prevention, mitigation and recovery products for Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs).

Ransomware Attacks Carnival Cruise Lines

Ransomware attacks Carnival Cruise Line ($CCL) business & encrypts some information technology systems, Carnival discloses in SEC filing.

Sophos: Dharma Ransomware-as-a-Service Targets SMBs

Cybercriminals are using Dharma ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) to attack small & medium-sized businesses (SMBs), British cybersecurity company Sophos says.

Ransomware Attacks Cornerstone Building Brands ($CNR)

Cornerstone Building Brands ($CNR), a provider of commercial and residential building supplies, discloses ransomware attack & investigation in SEC filing.

Ransomware Attack Payments: Texas School District, US Travel Firm Pay Cyber Extortion

Hackers receive ransom payments after launching ransomware attacks against Athens Independent School District in Texas, and travel management company CWT.

Garmin Ransomware Attack, Outage and Recovery Details: Status Updates

WasteLocker ransomware attacks Garmin, the GPS, smartwatch and wearable device maker. Here are ongoing Garmin ransomware & cyberattack recovery updates.

Cognizant Ransomware Attack Recovery Costs: Status Update

When Cognizant ($CTSH) announces Q2 2020 results on July 29, the MSP & IT consulting firm will likely recap Q2 ransomware attack recovery costs.

University Ransomware Attack: Hackers Hit SUNY Erie

Cybercriminals launch a ransomware attack against The State University of New York at Erie (SUNY Erie) & force the school to shut down some of its servers.

Telecom SA Ransomware Attack: Hackers Demand $7.5 Million

Ransomware attacks Telecom S.A., the largest telecommunications company in Argentina. Cybercriminal hackers demand a $7.5 million ransom.

Ransomware Attacks Orange Business Services, Some Customer Data Exposed

Orange Business Services suffers ransomware attack. Hackers steal some customer data from major European MSP, MSSP & IT service provider, report says.

Maze Ransomware Attacks IT Staffing Firm Collabera

Maze ransomware attacks IT staffing firm Collabera. Cyberattack infects systems, accesses employee addresses and other personal information.