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Ransomware incidents along with prevention, mitigation and recovery products for Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs).

Norsk Hydro LockerGoga Ransomware Attack: Business Recovery Update

Norsk Hydro explains the LockerGoga ransomware attack, business recovery efforts, and the status of various systems.

GandCrab Ransomware Targets MSPs in Criminal Franchisee Scheme

GandCrab ransomware is making life miserable for some MSPs. Bitdefender & Sophos explain the risks, and Bitdefender offers a decryptor utility tool to help partners.

Ransomware Attack: Georgia County Suffers Cyberattack, Pays $400,000

Jackson County, Georgia officials pay cybercriminals $400,000 after hackers used a ransomware attack in March to deactivate the county’s computer systems.

Hackers Target Particular ConnectWise Plugin to Kaseya VSA Platform

Fewer than 130 MSPs worldwide were at risk. But an unknown number of end-customer systems got attacked. it’s a timely reminder for MSPs to carefully maintain their own infrastructure and vendors’ software updates.

Matrix Ransomware Potentially Dangerous, Sophos Warns

A little seen, low-key ransomware dubbed Matrix has the potential to disrupt networks on a wide scale, security software specialist Sophos warned in a new research report.

Maryland Police Department: Ransomware Attack ‘Worst’ in Its History

The Salisbury, Maryland Police Department experiences a ransomware attack in which a hacker locks down its network files & demands money to recover them.

Cyber Insurance NotPetya Lawsuit: Mondelez Sues Zurich

U.S. snack food company Mondelez files $100 million lawsuit against Zurich Insurance stemming from NotPetya ransomware attack losses. Cyber insurance market faces key legal questions.

California MSP Suffers Ryuk Ransomware Attack

Ryuk ransomware attack hits Data Resolution, a managed services provider (MSP), help desk provider & Microsoft Dynamics ERM partner in California, a report says.

DHS, FBI Issue Ransomware Alert for SamSam MSIL/Samas.A

The FBI & Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issue an alert for SamSam ransomware — also known as MSIL/Samas.A. Here are the warning details.

How to Defend Against SamSam Ransomware Attacks

14 steps to mitigate and/or avoid SamSam MSIL/Samas.A ransomware attacks, according to The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) & the FBI.