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Tyler Technologies Ransomware Attack Recovery Details

Government software and IT service provider Tyler Technologies ($TYL) is striving to recover from a ransomware attack on the company’s internal systems. But the attack may now be spreading from Tyler to end-customer systems, according to an update from the software provider.

Indeed, Tyler Technologies some of its customers have reported suspicious logins in the days since Tyler warned that it had been hacked with ransomware, Reuters notes.

Tyler has hired third-party cybersecurity investigators to assist with the recovery efforts, though the government software provider did not disclose digital forensics firm(s) by name or any specific MSSP (managed security services provider) engagements.

Tyler provides software services for everything from jail and court management systems to payroll, human resources, tax and bill collection and land records, the Associated Press notes. Amid the attack, Tyler is quick to point out that none of its products are a system of record for voting or election-related activities.

The company’s public sector software addresses such government needs as:

  • appraisal and tax software and services;
  • software for courts and justice agencies;
  • enterprise financial software systems;
  • planning/regulatory/maintenance software;
  • public safety software;
  • records/document management software solutions; and
  • transportation software solutions for schools.

Tyler initially was quick to point out that those customer applications were not impacted by the attack. But the company on September 26 warned that some customers have reported suspicious logins in recent days.

Tyler Technologies: Ransomware Attack and Recovery Updates

Key details about the attack and ongoing recovery efforts include the following details from the company, as paraphrased by MSSP Alert:

  1. How was Tyler Technologies attacked?: An unknown third party gained unauthorized access to Tyler Technologies’ internal phone and information technology systems. The attack involved ransomware, though a specific strain was not disclosed.
  2. When did Tyler Technologies discover the cyberattack?: Early on Wednesday, September 23, 2020.
  3. Who Is investigating the Tyler Technologies cyberattack?: Tyler has hired outside IT security and forensics experts to conduct a detailed review and to help the company securely restore affected equipment. The names of companies assisting the investigation were not disclosed. Tyler has also notified law enforcement about the attack.
  4. What Tyler Technologies systems were hit?: The incident initially appeared limited to Tyler’s internal corporate network and phone systems. But some customers as of September 26 were reporting suspicious logins to Tyler-provided applications.

Tyler Technologies Ransomware Attack: Business Implications

The government software provider has not discussed the attack’s potential financial impact.

Ahead of the attack, Tyler’s revenues were $271.1 million in Q2 2020, down 1.5% from $275.1 million for the second quarter of 2019, the company announced on July 29, 2020.

Tyler’s annual revenues are roughly $1 billion.

Note: Story originally published September 25, 2020. Updated multiple times thereafter.

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