Blueshift Unveils XDR Cybersecurity Management Service

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Blueshift Cybersecurity, a managed network and endpoint solutions company, has launched its Blueshift XDR (Extended Detection and Response) cybersecurity management service to help organizations prevent, respond to and remediate cyber threats.

The XDR service blends layered security, automation and machine learning, according to Blueshift. It offers the following capabilities:

  • Application whitelisting
  • Data defense
  • Detection and response
  • Vulnerability detection
  • Security information and event management (SIEM)
  • Self-defending storage

In addition, Blueshift XDR combines detection and response capabilities with hardened endpoint data protection, the company indicated. It also is monitored by a fully managed security operations center (SOC) that provides self-defending endpoint protection.

Organizations can use Blueshift XDR to offload cybersecurity responsibilities and meet compliance mandates, the company noted. They also can access an incident response team that diagnoses and resolves cyber threats.

Furthermore, Blueshift XDR protects an organization’s Internet of Things (IoT) devices, virtual machines and cloud networks against cyberattacks, the company stated. That way, Blueshift XDR provides end-to-end protection against cyberattacks.

A Closer Look at Blueshift Cybersecurity

Along with Blueshift XDR, Blueshift offers the CMMC 2.0 compliance service. Organizations can use this service to meet their desired level of CMMC 2.0 certification.

Blueshift has partnered with MSPs MashGrape Technologies, Netivity and Petronella. It does not currently offer a channel partner program but may look to provide one in the future.

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