DFLabs Launches MSSP Partner Program for Security Automation, SOCs

DFLabs, which specializes in automation and orchestration for computer security incident response teams (CSIRTs) and security operations centers (SOCs), has launched the Global Partner Network for MSSPs.

By joining the program, DFLabs partners can deliver customized threat detection, response, automation and orchestration solutions for CSIRTs and SOCs and as a managed service, according to a prepared statement.

The Global Partner Network offers the following features:

  • Complementary product license for demos.
  • Deal registration and protection.
  • End-to-end resources at every stage of an opportunity.
  • Lead generation and collaborative co-marketing resources.
  • Product training and deployment services.
  • Password-protected portal for access to technical resources, knowledgebase, etc.

The Global Partner Network is now available and includes Platinum, Gold and Affiliate levels of participation.

What Is IncMan?

IncMan is a purpose-built SAO platform that blends machine learning and runbook capabilities and enables MSSPs to deliver security monitoring and incident response services to customers. To date, IncMan has helped security teams reduce their average incident resolution times by up to 90 percent and increase their incident handling by 300 percent, DFLabs stated.

MSSPs can monetize IncMan in the following ways:

  • MSSP Platform: Enables MSSPs to use IncMan as a primary SOC platform to deliver a shared service. With this platform, MSSPs can provide multiple granular and customizable playbooks for each customer and automate common incident response workflows.
  • Premium MSSP Services: Allows MSSPs to use IncMan as a primary SOC platform to deliver a shared service, as well as provide remote threat containment and other premium security services.
  • Virtual SOC: Involves the deployment of IncMan as a primary platform to deliver a multi-tenant service. The virtual SOC enables MSSPs to provide customers with a managed, hosted and dedicated IncMan instance, along with central management of all customer instances.
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR): Requires the deployment of IncMan as a primary platform to deliver a multi-tenant service. The MDR service allows MSSPs to deliver advanced threat defense capabilities based on a tailored threat detection stack.

Thanks to the Global Partner Network, MSSPs now can leverage IncMan to deliver “competitive premium and advanced security services … to increase their economies of scale to manage more incidents for more customers at a lower overall cost,” according to DFLabs.

IncMan provides MSSPs with the opportunity to generate new revenue opportunities, DFLabs CEO Dario Forte said in a prepared statement. It supplements the limitations and shortage of human security analysts in organizations, Forte noted, and ensures MSSPs can become valuable cybersecurity partners for their customers.

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