ABS Wavesight, ActZero Collaboration Aims to Support Connected Maritime Operations

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ABS Wavesight, which operates as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider offering risk management and asset reliability solutions, has lined up a new alliance with ActZero, a managed detection and response (MDR) service.

Protecting Maritime Fleets for Cyberattacks

The parties intend for ActZero’s managed services to help safeguard connected maritime fleets from cyberattacks. ABS Wavesight said the deal will enhance its software offering by teaming with ActZero to deliver operators 24/7 ransomware defense and response.

“Cybercriminals worldwide have set their sights on disrupting critical infrastructure, and we’ve learned the maritime sector is a prime target,” said Sameer Bhalotra, co-founder and chief executive of ActZero.

Under terms of the agreement, ActZero will provide cybersecurity protection to ABS Wavesight clients alongside ABS Wavesight’s portfolio of vessel and voyage management tools. The alliance ensures maritime sector businesses have access to a cybersecurity service to protect against ransomware threats.

Commenting on the partnership, Paul Sells, ABS Wavesight chief executive, said:

“While digitalized ships can offer powerful insights that help operators improve compliance and manage their journeys, connected IT systems come with risks — especially in today’s landscape. ActZero has deep knowledge of that landscape, and its comprehensive services and commitment to keeping up with hackers’ changing techniques will help ensure maritime organizations are aware of any threats to their operations and ready to respond.”

ActZero Debuts New MDR Platform

Two months ago, ActZero debuted its next-generation MDR platform with artificial intelligence (AI) detection capabilities that give its customers a ransomware block rate of 90%, the company said.

According to ActZero, the speed and sophistication of ransomware attacks is increasing, with attackers capable of achieving breakout in under 43 minutes on average. ActZero said that it can successfully contain and eradicate ransomware threats within 17 minutes

In June 2022, ActZero added an MDR for Mobile solution to its services portfolio. MDR for Mobile protects organizations against cross-vector cyber threats, the company said. It provides threat detection and response across endpoints, mobile devices, networks and cloud SaaS and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions.

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