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Guest blogs are part of MSSP Alert’s sponsorship program. MSSP Alert’s guest bloggers include experts in managed security services, MDR (managed detection and response), business building and scaling, security operations centers (SOCs), talent development, cybersecurity, malware, phishing, ransomware, threat mitigation and more.

One Year Later: Lessons Learned from the Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack

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Huntress explains what caused the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, and how MSPs can prevent similar cyberattacks.

A Closer Look At Today’s Ransomware Attack Landscape

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Sophos VP Scott Barlow explains how ransomware attack frequency & severity are evolving, and the implications for MSP cybersecurity strategies.

Convergence of Networking and Security is a Must for Service Providers

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The concept of networking & security convergence isn’t new. But the urgency for MSSPs to embrace such convergence has increased. Fortinet explains why.

MSPs Need A Layered Defense Against Phishing

A rising number of credential phish and business email compromise campaigns are evading traditional email security controls, explains Cofense.

How MSSPs can Beat MDRs at their Own Game

The managed detection and response (MDR) market is exploding. MSSPs can leverage SOAR to counter MDR rivals, D3 Security asserts.

Renew Focus on Web Application Security

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More than 40% of data breaches involve web application vulnerabilities. Here’s how MSSPs can help customers to mitigate web application security risks, according to Netsurion.

How MSPs Can Navigate Log4Shell Ramifications

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Log4shell exploitations are on the rise. To mitigate the ramifications, managed service providers need to stay informed & proactively monitor for threats. Sophos VP Scott Barlow explains how.

How To Keep Growing Amid Cybersecurity Labor Crisis

How MSPs & MSSPs can standardize, automate & partner their way to managed security business revenue growth, according to Sherweb.

Integrating Asset Management Into Your SOC With Open XDR Can Be A Force Multiplier For Your Business

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As an MSSP, if you can integrate your asset management with your SOC/XDR platform there are huge gains to be realized, explains Stellar Cyber

Stalkerware Detection Trends: Monitor and Spyware Findings

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The stalkerware tidal wave of 2020 triggered improved awareness in 2021 — though it’s too early to celebrate progress against such malware.