Cybersecurity Guests

Guest blogs are part of MSSP Alert’s sponsorship program. MSSP Alert’s guest bloggers include experts in managed security services, MDR (managed detection and response), business building and scaling, security operations centers (SOCs), talent development, cybersecurity, malware, phishing, ransomware, threat mitigation and more.

Expanding Your Offering by Outsourcing Cybersecurity

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Should your organization outsource cybersecurity to an MSSP of MSP? Read what Sherweb has to say on the subject.

Netenrich: Cybersecurity Year in Review

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Security expert and head of MSSP partnerships at Google Cloud discuss recent cybersecurity and data trends and priorities.

Goodbye, VPN: ZTNA Improves Security and UX for Cloud-Based Organizations

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Zero-trust network access (ZTNA) is an efficient, effective cybersecurity model for cloud-only businesses, BlackBerry Cybersecurity asserts.

5 Ways Security and Compliance Can Break Down Silos to Save Money and Meet Increased Regulations

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Attackers are increasingly sophisticated and aggressive in taking advantage of security weaknesses. How can you protect your organization?

12 Ways to Improve Your Website Security

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To ensure that your website is effective and safe, you need to make sure that it has all the necessary security features, AT&T asserts.

MSPs: Are You Really Capable of Securing Multi-Cloud Environments?

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It’s up to MSPs to defend customers’ multi-cloud environments against evolving threats by leveraging their expertise and third-party resources.

The Path to MSSP Success Starts with a Trusted and Proven Guide

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If you are contemplating moving to an MSSP model, partner with the right vendor so you can accelerate the process, Fortinet advises.

Incident Response: Whose Job is It?

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Incident response always involves an IT security pro, but whose job is it to actually respond to incidents? Netsurion examines the issue.

How Security Operations Solutions Bring Value to Managed Service Providers

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Partnering with a security operations provider lets MSPs deliver advanced cyber protection to their customers, Arctic Wolf advises.

What’s the Deal with Open XDR?

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For MSSPs and MSPs with lean security teams, Open XDR platforms support delivering customer value better than any legacy technology.