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Government Tracks Mobile Location on Millions in Coronavirus Pandemic

How the United States is gathering, aggregating & analyzing mobile location data to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Will privacy issues emerge?

New York SHIELD Act Explained: What It Means for Cybersecurity, Privacy

Data security provisions of New York’s Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security (SHIELD) Act are now in effect. Here’s what that means.

Report: Russia Pushes Coronavirus Disinformation Campaign

Russian cyber operatives allegedly linked to the Kremlin swarm countries with coronavirus disinformation campaign, report says.

Hackers Target Unpatched VPNs and Work at Home Staff, CISA Warns

Hackers target unpatched VPNs, work-at-home staff & remote employees amid coronavirus workforce shifts, the Department of Homeland Security’s CISA agency warns.

U.S. Cyber Command Ready to Combat Election Meddling, General Asserts

Election security is the U.S. Cyber Command’s “top priority,” General Paul Nakasone recently told a House Armed Services sub-committee.

U.S. Government Commission: Federal Cybersecurity Overhaul Required

The U.S. government lacks a centralized infrastructure and modernized approach to nullify cybersecurity threats posed by foreign adversaries, a federal report says.

Cyberspace Commission to Offer 75 Anti-Hacking/Election Meddling Recommendations

Bi-partisan Cyberspace Solarium Commission develops 75 cybersecurity calls to action for Congress and President Trump.

Ransomware Attack: Defense Contractor CPI Pays Hackers $500K – Report

U.S. defense contractor CPI (Communications & Power Industries) suffered ransomware attack & paid hackers $500,000 extortion fee, report says.

Accenture Acquires Context Information Security

Accenture, a Top 200 MSSP, is acquiring Context Information Security, a financial services-centric cybersecurity consultancy.

Chinese Security Firm Accuses CIA of 11-year Hacking Scheme

U.S. intelligence & CIA operatives conducted an 11-year cyber espionage campaign targeting Chinese critical infrastructure, a China-based ISP alleges.