CloudKnox Security Joins NCSC Cyber Accelerator

CloudKnox Security, a company that specializes in identity privilege management for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, has been selected to join the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Cyber Accelerator cohort.

The CloudKnox Cloud Security Platform enables organizations to manage the identity privilege lifecycle across private and public cloud environments, according to the company. In doing so, the platform helps organizations reduce risk from compromised credentials and malicious insiders.

In addition, the CloudKnox Cloud Security Platform supports all private and public clouds. It also allows organizations to monitor activity across private and public clouds to continuously assess risk.

A Closer Look at the Cyber Accelerator

The Cyber Accelerator is designed to assist cybersecurity startups that support the cybersecurity industry within the UK, NCSC stated. It helps cybersecurity startups bring new products to market, as well as drive the UK cybersecurity market’s growth.

Cyber Accelerator startups are selected via an open competition, and they are tasked with identifying areas of cybersecurity weakness where new products are needed, NCSC noted. Participating startups then receive technical leadership and advice from the NCSC.

The Cyber Accelerator began in 2017, and it is now in its fourth cohort. Cyber Accelerator alumni include CounterCraft, CyberOwl and RazorSecure, among other cybersecurity companies.

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