Microsoft Report: Russia Launches Nearly 40 Cyberattacks vs Ukraine

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Russia cyberattacks appear to be “strongly correlated and sometimes directly timed with its kinetic military operations targeting services and institutions crucial for civilians” in the Ukraine, a new Microsoft report asserts.

The Microsoft report detailed, “relentless and destructive Russian cyberattacks we’ve observed in a hybrid war against Ukraine,” and the software company also described the steps it is taking to help protect the Ukraine and its people.

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How Alleged Russia Cyberattacks Impact Ukraine

According to Microsoft:

  • Russia launched nearly 40 cyberattacks targeting hundreds of systems;
  • 32% of destructive attacks directly targeted Ukrainian government organizations at the national, regional and city levels;
  • more than 40% of destructive attacks “were aimed at organizations in critical infrastructure sectors that could have negative second-order effects on the Ukrainian government, military, economy and civilians.”

Microsoft’s report attributes wiper malware attacks to a Russian nation-state actor that the software company calls Iridium.

Alleged Russia Cyberattacks: Security Advice for MSSPs and MSPs

Digital fallout from the Russia’s cyber and kinetic war vs. Ukraine essentially extends worldwide. MSSPs and MSPs seeking to navigate and mitigate the associated risks shoud:

  1. Closely track CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) alerts and updates, especially as they pertain to infrastructure security worldwide.
  2. Check MSSP Alert’s Russia-Ukraine war timeline, which is updated regularly with cyberattack and cyber defense information tied to the conflict.


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