New MITRE ATT&CK Synchronization Tool Surfaces

The Center for Threat-Informed Defense (Center) recently embarked on a research project sponsored by AttackIQHCA HealthcareJPMorgan ChaseMicrosoft, and Verizon.

The result is ATT&CK Workbench, a new open source tool that allows users to explore, create, annotate, and share extensions of the ATT&CK knowledge base, the tool backers say.

ATT&CK Workbench is an “easy-to-use open-source tool that allows organizations to manage and extend their own local version of ATT&CK and keep it synchronized with the ATT&CK knowledge base,” the developers also say.

ATT&CK Workbench, the backers say, is designed for users and organizations that:

  • Have ATT&CK at the core of their organization’s security operations;
  • actively track threats against ATT&CK;
  • align defenses to ATT&CK; and
  • plan security investments based on ATT&CK.

Find more ATT&CK Workbench details here.

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