Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform Gains Centralized Management Capabilities

Stellar Cyber has announced Stellar Cyber Central. The result: MSSPs that run Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR security platform gain centralized management and visibility functionality. the company says.

Indeed, the dashboard allows MSSPs to access multiple Open XDR customer sites with a single sign-on, the company stated. As such, it provides MSSPs with a view of potential cyber threats across customer sites from a single console and under a single license.

The dashboard allows MSSPs to support customer data centers or offices in different geographic locations. In addition, Stellar Cyber Central does not receive any privacy-related data from local deployments.

Stellar Cyber has been busy on the R&D front. In addition to the enhanced dashboard, the company in April 2021 integrated its Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) into Open XDR. That integration allows Open XDR users to leverage TIP to automatically collect and aggregate feeds from multiple sources into a single consolidated threat intelligence resource.

Open XDR is an open security platform that uses machine learning and behavior analysis to automate threat identification and remediation, according to Stellar Cyber. It is designed to help organizations visualize, correlate, investigate and respond to cyberattacks in real time.

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